FIFA Coins Cost

FIFA Coins Cost 21

Amount PC Price PS4 Xbox
100K $5 $4 $3.7
200K $9.95 $7.96 $7.37
500K 24.68 $19.74 $18.26
1000K $49.25 $39.41 $36.45

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How to earn FIFA 22 Coins at low cost

Everyone started the FIFA Ultimate team with zero coins, so while learning a new game, you need to start earning coins as soon as possible. The best way is to start as soon as EA Sports allows.

“If you only bought the regular version of FIFA 22, you can start the game from October 1st,” Ryan said. But if you buy the ultimate version, you will give yourself a greater advantage than other players because You can start from September 27th. If you have an EA Play subscription, you can even start playing earlier with a 10-hour trial period starting on September 22. ”

This may not sound like a big deal, but the market fluctuates a lot in the early days, and players with a few coins on hand can turn them into a lot of coins in a few weeks. We recommend the following:

1. Squad Battles

If you are an EA Play user, start playing the game on September 22 and play as many Squad Battles as possible. Before most people download the game, you will get some high-value bonus packages next Monday. Repeat this step every week at the beginning of the cycle for easy packs.

2. Division Rivals

As long as you feel comfortable, start grinding your opponents. Unlike the last FUT, this year’s competitors will steadily climb through regular reward checkpoints, so as long as you invest time, you will get beneficial tradable rewards.

3. Web App

The web application usually goes online very early — for the previous game, it went live the day before EA Play — and allows basic early trading. No one has coins at this stage, so any meta cards you can buy (think cheap beasts like Adama Traoré) will rise on early entry, because people get the first coin from the game. Using web applications during EA games also means that you will not waste 10 hours on trading and club maintenance.

4. Foundation SBCs

Complete the Foundation Squad-Building Challenges as soon as possible, because they give tradable package rewards. Due to the limited supply of coins, almost every card will be overpriced during the web app period, and then any useful card will appreciate in the first week of play.

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