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How to change Race in FFXIV?

There are three ways to change Race in FFXIV:

  • Completing the quest: The Ultimate Weapon. This is a level 50 quest. It rewards you Fantasia which can change your race.
  • Buy Phial of Fantasia from the offical store.
  • Create a new character

1. Fantasia

Fantasia allows for the re-customization of a player’s character after use.

  • Quest: The Ultimate Weapon

A Fantasia is a potion item that, after consumption, grants the player a single opportunity to change the appearance of their character. Players will be re-directed to the character creation screen when they next log-in to Final Fantasy XIV, where they can change any aspect of their character (including their race) except the name, starting city, and server.

Main Scenario quest Level Quest Reward Quest Giver
The Ultimate Weapon 50 Fantasia Raubahn

2. Buy Phial of Fantasia from the offical store

The price of Phial of Fantasia is about $10. Sometimes, it may have a discout and the new price is $7. You can purchase it from the offical store.

  • Purchase Includes: Fantasia / 1

The miraculous phial of Fantasia grants you an opportunity to edit your character’s appearance in any fashion you desire.

From tiny tweaks in hairstyle or muscle tone, to drastic changes in race and gender, this item is perfect for those who made hasty decisions at the character creation screen, or who simply wish to give their online avatar a fresh new look.

  • Before using this item, you must remove all equipment and accessories save for your main hand. Please note that certain pugilist arms must also be removed in order to use this item.
  •  Hairstyles purchased in-game or obtained as rewards cannot be used during character creation.

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3. Create a new character

If you only play a few hours in FFXIV and want to change your race, it is recommended to create a new character.

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