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All races can live to be 100-120 years old, though most don’t last beyond 50, and Elezen/Elves have longer lifespans than the other races.

In any case, you can expect Viera to live at least 300 years.

What are the age scales of the races?

Fernehalwes: The races can live to 100-120 biologically, but most people don’t live much longer than 50. Elezen have longer lifespans.

List of FFXIV Race Lifespans

Race Lifespan Notes
Elezen 100-120 years
Hyur 80-100 years (assuming Human-ish)
Roegadyn 80-100 years
Miqo’te 80-100 years
Lalafell 80-100 years
Garlean 80-100 years
Goblin 80-100 years
Ixal 80-100 years
Amalj’aa 80-100 years
Kobold 80-100 years
Sahagin 80-100 years
Slyph 80-100 years
Qiqirn 80-100 years
(augmented)Allagan 80-100 years They practiced bio-modification, which explains why Xande, Amon, Glasya Labolas, and Acheron

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