Equip all inventory slots with unique items — Diablo 2 Resurrected

Diablo 2 Resurrected “They see me rollin’, they hatin'” achievement: Equip all inventory slots with unique items.

Diablo 2 Equip all inventory slots with unique items

This is pretty self explanatory. You need to have a unique (not a set) item in each of the following slots:

2 Rings
1 Amulet
1 Unique in EACH hand (so two weapons, or a weapon and a shield).

There is a small tip I have though which I just found out. Apparently quest-unique items work. For example, I had unique items for everything except an amulet. Finishing the act 2 quest to get me the Viper Amulet (the amulet that you put into the cube to get the quest staff), I equipped the amulet before transmutation, and it allowed me to unlock the achievement along with the rest of my unique gear. Only helps if you are missing an unique amulet!

List of Unique items

Rings | Amulets | Charms | Jewels | Circlets

Class-Specific ItemsAmazon | Assassin | Necromancer | Barbarian | Sorceress | Druid | Paladin

Normal Unique ArmorHelms | Armor | Shields | Gloves | Boots | Belts
Normal Unique WeaponsAxes | Bows | Crossbows | Daggers | Maces | Polearms
Scepters | Spears | Staves | Swords | Wands

Exceptional Unique ArmorHelms | Armor | Shields | Gloves | Boots | Belts
Exceptional Unique WeaponsAxes | Bows | Crossbows | Daggers | Maces | Polearms
Scepters | Spears | Staves | Swords | Throwing Weapons | Wands

Elite Unique ArmorHelms | Armor | Shields | Gloves | Boots | Belts
Elite Unique WeaponsAxes | Bows | Crossbows | Daggers | Javelins | Maces | Polearms
Scepters | Spears | Staves | Swords | Throwing Weapons | Wands

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Diablo 2 Unique items guides

Once in a long while, a dedicated and intrepid adventurer may come across an item of particularly legendary and unique power.

Of all the items found in Diablo II, these unique items are among the hardest to find. Cherish the ones you do find – each comes bestowed with many magical qualities.

  • There are Unique versions of Normal, Exceptional, and Elite items, however, there is not a Unique Item for every item type.
  • Many Unique Items have their own special art, others look like regular items with a slightly different color.
  • Unique items are based on Normal, Exceptional and Elite items, so they will follow the same range of Defense and damage numbers. The Defense on armor, and the ranges of Magical Bonuses may vary.
  • Unique Items can be Ethereal. This means that some Uniques will have additional Defense or Damage and can only be used as long as they have Durability. You can however place a Zod Rune Zod Rune (Indestructible) in a Unique Item to hang on to them longer. You can also give these items to your Hirelings. Hireling items do not need to be repaired.
  • Unique Items can be Socketed using the first quest reward in Act V. You can place Gems, Jewels or Runes in Unique Items to make them even more valuable. Unique Items can only have one socket, with a few exceptions. You cannot complete a Rune Word using a Unique Item.
  • All Unique items have Level Requirements.
  • Unique Items can be Gambled, but the chances are very, very slim.
  • Some Uniques can be very rare. Hang on to them!
  • Unique items sometimes have special magical abilities not found on regular Magic and Rare Items.
  • Weapon Speeds shown are not total Weapon Speed, but rather the speed of the base weapon. Items with Increased Attack Speed must be combined with this base Weapon Speed, along with other items with Increased Attack Speed, and the player’s class to figure out the total Weapon Speed.
  • Weapon Damage might not exactly match up with the % Enhanced Damage listings on the items.Any Armor with innate +% Enhanced Defense
    Any piece of armor that spawns with +% Enhanced Defense has a base defense of maxac+1 (normal maximum base defense + 1). Any Armor includes the following types:

    • helm (class-specific and circlets included)
    • body armor
    • shield (class-specific included)
    • gloves
    • belt
    • boots

    If the item in question is ethereal, the +50% bonus to base defense (maxac+1) is applied *before* +% Enhanced Defense. +% Enhanced Defense and +Defense are applied last, in that order.

    Can I get a Unique again if I already have it?
    Yes, but the same Unique will not drop more than once in each game from Monsters or Chests.

    (Ladder Only)
    This item can only be found by Battle.net Ladder Characters as well as Single Player, TCP/IP, and Open Battle.net Characters. It will not be found by Normal Battle.net Realm Characters.

    (Only Spawns In Patch 1.09 or later)
    This means to get the item with the stats listed on the web site, you must find the item in a game version of 1.09 or later. Before 1.09, some of these items spawned with different stats. If you see a Unique Item with the same name as the web site but totally different stats, that item is from before the 1.09 patch.

    (Only Spawns In Patch 1.10 or later)
    This means to get the item with the stats listed on the web site, you must find the item in a game version of 1.10 or later. Before 1.10, some of these items spawned with different stats. If you see a Unique Item with the same name as the web site but totally different stats, that item is from before the 1.10 patch.

    (Spawns In Any Patch)
    This means that they spawn with the stats listed in any patch version.

    Some Uniques were possible before Patch 1.08 but do not spawn anymore. These Uniques were upgraded in Patch 1.09 to new stats. To get these items you must find the Unique Item that has dropped in 1.09 or later. This guide only lists the latest stats and does not, nor will it, list the stats of those older items.

    Maximum Defense and Damage can be higher than shown with Ethereal Items
    This guide does not show stats for Ethereal Items since they only last a limited amount of time, unless you have a Zod Rune Zod Rune or use it on a Hireling (which don’t lose durability).

    Maximum Defense on Unique Items found might be slightly higher than shown in the Arreat Summit.
    Items with Enhanced Defense receive the maximum defense on an item +1.

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