Elder Scrolls Online: Trading Guilds

Trading guilds in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) are essential for players looking to buy and sell items effectively. These guilds provide access to guild stores, which are a primary means of trading items between players. This guide will help you understand how trading guilds work, how to join and benefit from them, and tips for maximizing your trading profits.

Understanding Trading Guilds

  1. What are Trading Guilds?

    • Trading guilds are player-run organizations that facilitate buying and selling items through guild stores.
    • Each guild can have up to 500 members, offering a wide market for trading.
  2. Guild Stores:

    • Guild stores are accessed through the banker NPCs in major cities.
    • Only members of the guild can list items in the guild store, but anyone can buy from them.
  3. Guild Traders:

    • Guilds bid for guild traders, who act as kiosks in high-traffic areas, making the guild store accessible to all players.
    • Successful bids result in better trading locations, increasing sales opportunities.

Trading rare motifs and recipes is a profitable ESO gold-making strategy.

Joining Trading Guilds

  1. Finding a Trading Guild:

    • Use zone chat to ask for invites to active trading guilds.
    • Search forums, social media groups, and community websites for guild advertisements.
    • Look for guilds with traders in high-traffic areas like Rawl’kha, Mournhold, or Wayrest.
  2. Guild Requirements:

    • Many trading guilds have membership requirements such as weekly sales quotas or dues.
    • Ensure you can meet these requirements before joining to avoid being removed from the guild.
  3. Application Process:

    • Some guilds require an application to join, especially those with high trader locations.
    • Provide information about your trading habits and sales potential to increase your chances of being accepted.

Benefits of Trading Guilds

  1. Access to Guild Stores:

    • Listing items in guild stores provides access to a large customer base.
    • Use multiple guild stores to maximize your selling opportunities.
  2. Market Insights:

    • Trading guilds often share market trends and pricing information through guild chat or Discord.
    • Stay informed about which items are in high demand and adjust your trading strategy accordingly.
  3. Community Support:

    • Trading guilds provide a supportive community where you can ask for advice and share trading tips.
    • Participate in guild events and raffles for additional rewards and networking opportunities.

Maximizing Profits in Trading Guilds

  1. Listing Strategies:

    • Price items competitively based on current market trends to ensure quick sales.
    • List items in stacks that appeal to buyers (e.g., crafting materials in stacks of 10, 50, or 100).
  2. High-Demand Items:

    • Focus on high-demand items such as crafting materials, rare motifs, and set pieces.
    • Monitor the market regularly to identify trending items and adjust your inventory.
  3. Efficient Farming:

    • Spend time farming high-demand materials in known locations.
    • Use add-ons like Harvest Map to optimize your farming routes.
  4. Market Research:

    • Use add-ons like Master Merchant and Tamriel Trade Centre to track sales data and pricing trends.
    • Regularly update your prices based on the latest market information to stay competitive.
  5. Event Exploitation:

    • Capitalize on in-game events that increase demand for specific items (e.g., crafting materials during anniversary events).
    • Stock up on items before events and sell them at peak demand.

Managing Guild Memberships

  1. Active Participation:

    • Stay active in your trading guilds by regularly listing items and participating in guild activities.
    • Meet or exceed sales quotas and pay dues on time to maintain good standing.
  2. Multiple Guilds:

    • Join multiple trading guilds to diversify your selling platforms and increase your market reach.
    • Balance your participation across guilds to ensure you meet all requirements.
  3. Communication:

    • Use guild chat and Discord to stay informed about guild activities and market trends.
    • Communicate with guild officers if you have any issues or need support.


Trading guilds are a cornerstone of the ESO economy, providing players with opportunities to buy and sell items efficiently. By understanding how trading guilds work, joining active guilds, and employing effective trading strategies, you can maximize your profits and enjoy a thriving trading experience.

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