Elder Scrolls Online: Public Dungeons

Public dungeons in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) are open-world dungeons that provide a variety of challenges, including boss fights, quests, and collectible items. These dungeons can be completed solo or with other players, offering valuable rewards such as skill points, gear, and achievements. This guide will help you navigate and maximize your experience in public dungeons.

Understanding Public Dungeons

  1. What are Public Dungeons?

    • Public dungeons are large, open-world dungeons accessible to all players in the zone.
    • They contain multiple bosses, quests, and collectibles.
  2. Location of Public Dungeons:

    • Each zone has one public dungeon, marked by a torch icon on the map.
    • Major cities often have entrances to public dungeons nearby.

Key Features of Public Dungeons

  1. Group Bosses:

    • Public dungeons have multiple bosses that drop valuable loot.
    • These bosses are typically more challenging than regular enemies and may require a group to defeat.
  2. Mini Bosses:

    • In addition to group bosses, there are mini bosses scattered throughout the dungeon.
    • These mini bosses are less challenging but still offer good rewards.
  3. Quests:

    • Each public dungeon contains at least one quest, often involving multiple steps and objectives.
    • Completing the dungeon quest rewards you with experience, ESO gold, and other items.
  4. Skyshards:

    • Every public dungeon contains one skyshard.
    • Collecting three skyshards grants you a skill point.
  5. Collectibles:

    • Look for lore books, treasure chests, and other collectibles while exploring the dungeon.
    • These items provide additional rewards and lore information.

Strategies for Completing Public Dungeons

  1. Preparation:

    • Ensure your gear is repaired and your inventory has enough space for loot.
    • Bring plenty of potions and food for buffs and healing.
  2. Exploration:

    • Explore the entire dungeon to find all bosses, quests, and collectibles.
    • Use the dungeon map to navigate and mark locations of interest.
  3. Grouping:

    • Public dungeons can be completed solo, but grouping with other players can make it easier and faster.
    • Use the in-game group finder or ask in zone chat for help with challenging bosses.
  4. Boss Strategies:

    • Study the mechanics of each boss encounter.
    • Focus on avoiding area-of-effect attacks and interrupting powerful abilities.
  5. Quest Completion:

    • Follow the quest objectives and complete the dungeon’s storyline.
    • Completing quests often involves defeating specific bosses and interacting with objects in the dungeon.

Maximizing Rewards

  1. Daily Dungeon Quests:

    • Some public dungeons offer daily quests that provide additional rewards.
    • Check the bulletin boards in major cities for these quests.
  2. Skyshard Collection:

    • Always collect the skyshard in each public dungeon to gain skill points.
    • Use add-ons like SkyShards to locate and track skyshards.
  3. Loot and Gear:

    • Public dungeon bosses drop unique set pieces and valuable loot.
    • Regularly clear bosses for a chance to complete gear sets.
  4. Achievements and Titles:

    • Completing public dungeons and defeating all bosses often grants achievements and titles.
    • Check your achievements tab for specific goals and rewards related to public dungeons.

Notable Public Dungeons

  1. Crow’s Wood (Stonefalls):

    • Known for its eerie atmosphere and challenging boss fights.
    • Contains a questline involving a powerful necromancer.
  2. Lost City of the Na-Totambu (Alik’r Desert):

    • Features ancient ruins and powerful Daedric enemies.
    • Offers a questline related to ancient Yokudan relics.
  3. Rulanyil’s Fall (Greenshade):

    • A beautiful yet dangerous dungeon filled with Aldmeri Dominion history.
    • Includes a quest to recover a lost artifact.
  4. Cradle of Shadows (Shadowfen):

    • Known for its Argonian lore and deadly traps.
    • Contains a questline involving the Shadowscales.


Public dungeons in ESO offer a rich and rewarding experience for players looking to explore, complete quests, and defeat powerful bosses. By understanding the key features, preparing effectively, and maximizing your rewards, you can fully enjoy the challenges and treasures that public dungeons have to offer.

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