MW3 FN SCAR-L - Modern Warfare 3


A black FN SCAR-L appears as the “TAQ-56” and it’s manufactured by “Tactique Verte”, the in-universe equivalent to FN Herstal, which also makes the PDSW 528, a fictionalized P90 variant. It is depicted with incorrect H&K style fire selector markings and a stylized lower receiver.

It feeds from black STANAG style 30 round magazines, but 40 round PMAGs and 60 round Surefire MAG5-60s are also available.

It comes with a (swappable) stylized A2 grip by default and the magazine release on the right side seems to be an aftermarket extended one.

It is the standard rifle for both Shadow Company operators and the Los Vaqueros unit in the campaign, being commonly found with various attachments.

FN SCAR-L STD – 5.56x45mm NATO

The SCAR-L in the gunsmith preview screen. Note the differently shaped trigger guard and stock, the pictograms fire selector and the Taqtique Verte markings.

A SCAR-L in the hands of a Kortac operator.

Checking the magazine full of 5.56 rounds.

And the chamber is loaded too, very nice. Looks like the markings on the upper receiver are mirrored from the left side.

A look through the chopped iron sights.

Swapping STANAG magazines.

Checking the chamber on an empty reload just before flicking out the spent magazine.

Pulling back on the reciprocating charging handle. This is the only difference from MW19’s animations and this set is shared with all the other SCAR variants in the game.

Giving the bolt release a slap. This happens when the Fast Hands perk is active and with an underbarrel grenade launcher attached to the rifle.

Garrick and his SCAR taking a leap (or fall-out-of-a-Black Hawk) of faith in the reveal trailer.

Demon Dogs on the hunt with SCAR-Ls in the reveal trailer. Similar to some Shadow Company operatives, all three marines are equipped with L3Harris AN/PVS-31A night vision goggles. The NODs are incorrectly mounted to Norotos Rhino I mounts.


Equipping the SCAR-L with the “12′ Tacshort Barrel” will give it a CQC-length barrel.

FN SCAR-L CQC Black – 5.56x45mm NATO

The SCAR-L CQC in the gunsmith preview screen.

A SCAR CQC equipped with with a SCAR-SC’s telescoping stock via the “TV Cardinal Stock” attachment.


The “14.5′ Tundra Pro Barrel” turns it into the LB variant.

Gen 3 FN SCAR-L with 18″ LB (Long Barrel) – 5.56x45mm NATO

The gunsmith menu text is really confused on the length of the barrel, which makes you realize that this barrel looks more like a 17 inch than a 14.5, which comes standard with the rifle.

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