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Diablo 2 Khalim’s Eye

Khalim’s Eye is a Quest Item for Khalim’s Will quest. It can be obtained at Spider Cavern by looting the chest guarded by Sszark the Burning.

Quest: Khalim’s Will Khalim’s Will is the third quest in Act III. It’s initiated after players complete The Golden Bird (quest) and talk to Deckard Cain, or when players enter the Great Marsh for the first time. The quest is completed when players transmute Khalim’s lost relics into Khalim’s Will and use it to smash the Compelling Orb in the Temple of Light in Travincal, opening the way to the Durance of Hate, Mephisto’s lair.
Location: Spider Cavern The Spider Cavern is a dungeon found in the Spider Forest in Act III. Khalim’s Eye can be found there in a golden chest.

  • Khalim’s Eye can be found by looting the chest guarded by Sszark the Burning at Spider Cavern.
  • Khalim’s Eye must be combined with Khalim’s Brain, Khalim’s Heart and Khalim’s Flail using the Horadric Cube to create Khalim’s Will (Item).

Required to transmute Khalim’s Flail into Khalim’s Will.

Diablo 2 Khalim's Eye

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Khalim’s Will Walkthrough

Khalim’s relics are scattered throughout the wilderness, but luckily the quest log provides some directions. The first relic, Khalim’s Eye, is hidden within a golden chest in the Spider Cavern in the Spider Forest. There is another more or less identical cave in the Spider Forest called the Arachnid Lair. If you don’t find the Eye inside the golden chest you may want to check if you’re in the right spider-infested cave. The Eye is guarded by a Unique Spider boss called Sszark the Burning, a nasty spider with lots of minions.

The next relic is located in the Flayer Dungeon in the Flayer Jungle. The entrance looks like a staircase and is always hidden within the small flayer village where The Gidbinn is found. The dungeon has several levels filled with annoying packs of Flayers monsters, their shamans and undead flayers. Khalim’s Brain is hidden in a golden chest on level three. The third level is a maze of small corridors and dead ends, the chest itself is guarded by a Flayer Shaman boss known as Witch Doctor Endugu. His flame breath is especially deadly, having high Fire Resistance can help limit the damage.

It might take a while before you reach the location of the third relic, Khalim’s Heart. The Heart is hidden within the Kurast Sewers. The entrances to the sewers can be found in the Kurast Bazaar and in Upper Kurast. The first level of the sewers is huge, be prepared to battle your way through legions of undead and packs of Gloombats. The entrance to the second level is hidden; you have to search for a special lever that will lower a staircase to it. The sewer lever is guarded by a Unique bat boss called Icehawk Riftwing. Despite his special status, Riftwing has relatively little health and should go down quickly. Lower the staircase and enter the second level; this small room is filled with gold and a golden chest containing the Heart. There are a few Tentacle Beasts lurking in the pool in the centre of the room, but they shouldn’t pose a serious threat. Sometimes a few extra monsters from the previous level can spawn here as well.

Khalim’s Flail can be found within Travincal. This part of the quest is combined with The Blackened Temple as the flail is held by one of the Council Members. Travincal can be reached by passing through Upper Kurast and over the Kurast Causeway. The Temple City is filled with Zakarum Zealots, priests and Vampires; a waypoint is located within an empty temple to the west. When you approach the Guardian Tower a quest log should pop up and the Council Members should appear. The Flail is dropped by Ismail Vilehand.

Put all the relics into the Horadric Cube together with the flail and transmute them. Now you have the unique flail Khalim’s Will. The Guardian Tower should be cleared by now; if not, kill the remaining Council Members or Vampires. To the left you should see a red glowing orb: the infamous Compelling Orb Cain told you about. Equip Khalim’s Will and attack the Orb, it will take a few swings before you finally shatter it. Red mist clouds should spread through the temple and swirl towards the blood-stained staircase, which opens and reveals the passage to the Durance of Hate.

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