Extended Digital Soundtrack - Path of Exile

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When you purchase a league Supporter Pack from Path of Exile, such as Ritual Supporter Pack, you can get an Extended Digital Soundtrack.

Buy Extended Digital Soundtrack

Where to find my Extended Digital Soundtrack?

  1. Log your account in the Path of Exile website
Click your account name 2. Click your account name at the top.
Find Digital downloads 3. At the bottom right, you can see the “Digital downloads” link. Click it to open the download page.
Download Extended Digital Soundtrack 4. There are two options for you to download:

  • Extended Digital Soundtrack (MP3 Format)
  • Extended Digital Soundtrack (FLAC Format)

Choose your favorite music format and download it.

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Extended Digital Soundtrack Content

There two folders: Extended Soundtrack, and Path of Exile (Original Game Soundtrack).

Note: the following Extended Digital Soundtrack list is for Ritual Supporter Pack.

List of Path of Exile (Original Game Soundtrack)

01. The Fall of Oriath (Main Theme).mp3
02. Lioneye’s Watch.mp3
03. Coast.mp3
04. Cavern of Anger.mp3
05. Climb.mp3
06. Prison.mp3
07. Ship Graveyard.mp3
08. Merveil.mp3
09. Riverways.mp3
10. Forest Encampment.mp3
11. Fields.mp3
12. Den.mp3
13. Chamber of Sins.mp3
14. Fellshrine Ruins.mp3
15. Arakaali.mp3
16. City of Sarn.mp3
17. Sarn Encampment.mp3
18. Battlefront.mp3
19. Solaris Temple.mp3
20. Dominus.mp3
21. Highgate.mp3
22. Grand Arena.mp3
23. Shakari.mp3
24. Belly of the Beast.mp3
25. Heart of Corruption.mp3
26. Ascent.mp3
27. Overseer's Tower.mp3
28. Templar Courts.mp3
29. Chamber of Innocence.mp3
30. High Templar Avarius.mp3
31. Kitava.mp3
32. Still Alive.mp3
33. Shavronne & Brutus.mp3
34. Brine King.mp3
35. Bridge Encampment.mp3
36. Solaris & Lunaris.mp3
37. Oriath Dock.mp3
38. Altar of Hunger.mp3
39. Memory Nexus.mp3
40. Venarius.mp3
41. Elder.mp3

Core Game

Acton's Nightmare.mp3
Ascendant Theme.mp3
Church Dungeon.mp3
Daresso's Dream.mp3
Daresso, King of Swords Theme.mp3
Hall of Grandmasters.mp3
Kaom's Dream.mp3
Kaom's Stronghold.mp3
King Kaom Theme.mp3
Oriath Square.mp3
Sarn Arena.mp3
Shadow of the Vaal.mp3
The Cathedral Rooftop.mp3
The Control Blocks.mp3
The Dried Lake.mp3
The Imperial Gardens.mp3
The Library.mp3
The Mines.mp3
The Ossuary.mp3
The Ruined Square.mp3
The Wardens Quarters.mp3


Angels & Demons (Mystery Box Trailer).mp3
Carnival Mystery Box.mp3
Chaos & Order (Mystery Box).mp3
Frontier (Mystery Box Trailer).mp3
One Chance (The Fall of Oriath Release Trailer).mp3
Path of Exile - Fall of Oriath (Trailer).mp3
Path of Exile - XONE trailer.mp3
Templars Pride (Oriath Mystery Box).mp3
Thaumaturgy (Mystery Box Trailer).mp3
The Awakening Trailer.mp3
The Sin and Innocence (Mystery Box).mp3
Twilight (Mystery Box Trailer).mp3


It includes music for the past expansions. You can see the following image.

Extended Digital Soundtrack Expansions

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