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Diablo 2 The Gidbinn Location

The Gidbinn is a Quest Item for Blade of the Old Religion quest. It can be obtained at Flayer Jungle by finding it near the entrance.

Quest: Blade of the Old Religion Blade of the Old Religion is the second quest of Act III. It’s initiated after the player completes The Golden Bird and talks to Hratli. The quest is completed when the sacred blade, called The Gidbinn, is given to Ormus.
Location: Flayer Jungle
  • The Gidbinn can be found near the entrance to Flayer Jungle.
  • Give The Gifbinn to Ormus, and talk to him to complete the Blade of the Old Religion quest. You may talk to Asheara, she will grant you access to her Iron Wolves services.

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Diablo 2 The Gidbinn

Blade of the Old Religion Tips

You will find the Blade somewhere in the Flayer Jungle, usually hidden within a village (sometimes The Gidbinn can be found near the entrance to the Flayer Dungeon). You should see a small altar-like construct, on top of which The Gidbinn rests. When you try to grab it, the altar erupts in flames. A Unique Flayer should now appear. Kill it, and the Gidbinn should drop. Return it to Ormus to complete the quest. After talking to Ormus, move away from your current posstion for Ormus to start his ritual. While he is doing it, talk to Asheara and she would offer you the service of her Iron Wolves. Come back to Ormus to revceive a ring.

Flayer Jungle

The Flayer Jungle is the final jungle area of Act III. It houses the Swampy Pit, the Flayer Dungeon and a Fetish village that always surrounds the latter dungeon.

Stormtree always spawns at the entrance to Lower Kurast.

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