Defiled Proclamation

Defiled Proclamation Location

Defiled Proclamation is a unique Stone Golem located in Western Forest, Act 6.

Unique Monsters Location Act Resistance
Defiled Proclamation Western Forest Act 6
  • Resists Fire Damage

Defiled Proclamation PoE

It can be encountered by finding a circle of stone pillars and interacting with the rubble on the ground labelled Defiled Proclamation. After interacting with the rubble Defiled Proclamation will spawn. A Doedre’s Torment will also spawn between each of the stone pillars. Like the Doedre Darktongue boss fight three partially overlapping circles will appear that will curse the player if they stand in a circle. If the player is standing in multiple circles, they will be inflicted with multiple curses. These circles will disappear after roughly 10 seconds.

  • The purple circle contains a Temporal Chains Temporal Chains effect
  • The green circle contains an Enfeeble Enfeeble effect
  • The red circle contains a Vulnerability Vulnerability effect

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Defiled Proclamation Western Forest Act 6
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