Path of Exile Show Map Mods in Map

How to check the map mods while in a map

Press Tab to show map mods while you are in the map.

The following is an example. This map has a difficult mods: Monsters reflect 13% of Physical Damage. If your skill has 10,000 DPS, the large chance you will die instantly. The best way is to give up this map or reroll it before you playing on the map.

Path of Exile Show Map Mods

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The worst map mods

The following map mods that you should avoid:

  • If you don’t have ways of dealing with reflect, avoid elemental/phys reflect maps (depending on what kind of damage you deal).
  • avoid blood magic if you run a lot of auras, and/or if you have no proper regeneration/leech mechanic for life other than flasks.
  • avoid less/no regen if you’re build is heavily depending on regeneration (like righteous fire)
  • avoid no leech if your build is heavily depending on leeching life or mana (aka a lot of builds who run blasphemy/curseonhit+warlords mark for leech. while it is not impossible to run them, it gets really annoying)
  • avoid general combinations of active or passive damage mods. e.g. minus max res + extra elemental damage from monsters. maybe extra crit chance/damage. movement/attack/cast speed, frenzy/power charges, shocking ground, cursed with vulnerability. while on their own, each of them is at least doable for most builds, the combination of multiple of them is what possibly makes them deadly.
  • in the same way try to avoid too many mods at the same time that lower your damage significantly. temp chains, enfeeble, chilled ground, extra resistances vs the type of dmg you deal, endurance charges, immune to status ailments, elemental equilibrium etc.
  • avoid certain map curses. like elemental weakness if you are not properly overcapped in resistances.
  • avoid maps with “inhabited by animals” because no one likes devourers. except if you are a masochist.
  • avoid chain maps combined with extra projectiles if you run with golems or minions or in a party. nothing says rip better than a gmp chain map with lightning arrow archer mobs vs a summoner

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