Defeat The Primal One in Thicket Map

PoE Challenges: Defeat The Primal One in Thicket Map while he is using his Repeated Sunder skill and without being hit by Sunder.

Thicket Map

Thicket Map is a map area. The boss The Primal One is based on Blood Chieftain.

Name Description Notes
Location Thicket Map Area level: 73. Atlas Region: Lex Proxima. Map Tier: 14.
Boss The Primal One Summons small monkeys and frenzies allies. Physical Sunder attack. Will periodically start spamming Sunder which can dish out extreme physical damage if caught unaware. Just kite the boss in a circle when this starts happening.

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The Primal One

The Primal One
Area Thicket
Level 81
Effects from modifiers Monster has 22% more Attack Speed, 22% more Cast Speed and 22% less Damage (Hidden)
Summons Apes from Trees
Frenzies Allies
Monster gives 100% increased Experience on death (Hidden)
1500% increased Quantity of Items dropped by this Monster (Hidden)
2000% increased Rarity of Items dropped by this Monster (Hidden)
Skills Melee
Change Stance
Monster Sunder Ruckus
Chieftain Enrage
Trigger Spawners Chieftain Thicket
Chieftain Sunder

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