Doomsday PoE Keystone

Doomsday Keystone Guide

Doomsday is a keystone passive skill that modifies Hex spells. When casting the Hex spell, instead of applying the curse which gains Doom over time, the spell creates a Hexed Area for 1 second. Enemies in the Hexed Area receive the curse, and after 1 second, the Hexed Area expires and applies the maximum amount of Doom to enemies standing in it.

  • Your Hex Curses create a Hexed Area for 1 second
  • Enemies in the Hexed Area are Hexed, and the Hex does not expire while in the Hexed Area
  • Hexes applied this way do not gain Doom over time
  • Hexes in the Hexed Area gain up to maximum Doom when the Hexed Area ends

Doomsday Location

The keystone is located on the upper northwest part of the tree, just north of Minion Instability.

Class Distance from start
Templar 10
Witch 10
Scion 14
Marauder 17
Shadow 17
Duelist 24
Ranger 24

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Passive Tree Balance

Added a new Keystone – Doomsday: Causes Hexes you cast to apply to an area, applying the Hex to all enemies in it for over its duration. The Hex area gains its maximum Doom after a short secondary duration.


Hexes are spells which apply the curse in an area of effect.

Hexes have reduced effectiveness against bosses and certain unique enemies. Act and map bosses, Conquerors of the Atlas , Incursion architects, Immortal Syndicate members, Breachlords have 33% less Hex Effect. Sirus, the Shaper, the Elder, and Shaper and Elder Guardians have 66% less Hex Effect.

Hexes can be turned into an aura by linking it with either Blasphemy Support Blasphemy Support gem or Awakened Blasphemy Support Awakened Blasphemy Support gem.


If the Hex was self-cast, the curse will gain Doom over time. Doom increases the effectiveness of the curse (1% per Doom). Maximum Doom is capped at 30 by default. Each Hex has its own Doom counter.

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