Defeat The Hallowed Husk in Palace Map

PoE Hesit 3.12 challenge: defeat The Hallowed Husk in Palace Map after it has cast Blood Rain at least 3 times and without having stood in the Proximity Shield bubble

  • Location: Palace Map(Map Tier: 15, Atlas Region: Lira Arthain, Map Level: 82)
  • Bosses: The Hallowed Husk, God’s Chosen

This challenge requires to stand outside its Proximity Shield bubble at least 3 times before kills him, highly suggest you bring a flask that removes the bleeding effect(of staunching) so that you’ll immune to that blood rain phase, OR portal out as soon it starts raining blood, go in and out the portal for after 3 times blood rains then only kill him.

Defeat The Hallowed Husk in Palace Map

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Palace Map

This map is based on The Upper Sceptre of God in Act 3. Area type: dungeon, temple, urban.

Region Upgrades Chart
Upgrade Level 0 1 2 3 4
Tier 15
Map Level 82
Ancient City Map (Heist)
Geode Map (Heist)

Defeat The Hallowed Husk Guide

Path of Exile How To: Kill Palace (78 Map) Dominus – The Hallowed Husk

The Hallowed Husk

The Hallowed Husk
Area Palace Map
Level 82
Skills DominusDemonCleave
Life 1.339E+07
Damage 1.393E+04
Attacks per second 1.66
Critical strike chance 5.00
Armour rating 1.420E+04
Evasion rating 7945
Accuracy rating 499
Experience 1.431E+05
Metadata id Metadata/Monsters/Dominusdemon/DominusDemonMapBoss

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