Expedition Logbook

During your Expeditions, you may discover Logbooks. Expedition Logbook Expedition Logbook chronicles the locations that their ancestors visited in their exploration of Wraeclast.

Find a Logbook, craft its mods like a map, bring it to Dannig and choose a location for your next Expedition. These Expeditions are much larger than regular ones and harbour many mysteries to explore, if you dare.

Logbooks can be crafted and traded with other players. 

During your Expeditions, you must be careful to manage your levels of risk and return. Signs located at the Expedition sites clearly mark out the most dangerous areas to excavate. Special monsters and remnants of past Kalguuran settlements are clearly marked and detonating them can make your Expeditions much more challenging.

Expedition Logbook PoE

How to use an Expedition Logbook

Talk to Dannig in your hideout and give him a logbook you have found and go on an Expedition to one of the locations it describes. These are all exotic places that no Exiles have ever travelled to before.

How to use an Expedition Logbook

Just like how a Blighted Map was one giant Blight encounter with no natural monsters, the Expedition you go on from a logbook is one giant Expedition.

Expeditions from logbooks are not only different because of their large size, but because there are special objects that you can interact with using the explosives. For example, trees that contain monsters or items, passageways that reveal chests or bosses, and so on. Speaking of bosses, there are some formidable ones for you to seek out, and a set of valuable new unique items and base types that can only come from Expedition content.

While planning your chain of explosives in a Logbook Expedition, you should consider detonating various destructible objects. Such obstacles might be blocking secret passages leading to ancient, terrifying bosses and their valuable treasures.

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Expedition Logbook Expedition Logbook can be rolled to have a set of explicit mods, like an endgame map. Each location within the logbook has its own implicit mods, as well as a theme that controls what types of remnants can be found there.

As the following example shown, Orb of Alchemy Orb of Alchemy upgrades a normal Expedition Logbook Expedition Logbook to a rare Expedition Logbook Expedition Logbook.

Expedition Logbook Crafting

How to get Expedition Logbook

Play the Expedition content, excavate relics and you might find many Expedition Logbooks.

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