Rog, the Dealer

Rog, the Dealer is a fearful but earnest man who just wants to make a deal.

Rog is an average man pushed into Wraeclast’s dangers. He’s helpful, concerned, and a bit fearful. He is very happy for you to do the fighting so that he can stay safe on the sidelines. He loves making deals and trying to upsell you.

If you buy one of the items that Rog offers, he’ll try to offer you a more complex deal where he improves the item via crafting. If you accept this deal, he’ll try to upsell you again and again until you eventually walk away with your purchase. If you can’t afford one of these incremental upgrades, you can leave and come back later with enough runed artifacts to cover the cost. Because you don’t get to supply your own starter item for this process, and have to select an item with promise from the range he offers, his incremental crafting upgrades are priced rather cheaply.

Rog, the Dealer PoE

Rog Dealer

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