Gwennen, the Gambler

Gwennen, the Gambler is a cynical gambler who claims luck depends on how hard you believe. So you really need to convince yourself you’re going to get that Headhunter. If you don’t, it’s your fault.

1. Gamble a magic item

Gwennen shows you a set of base types with unknown properties. When you gamble by buying one, you’ll receive a random item of that base type back. It could easily be a random magic item that you have no use for.

Gwennen, the Gambler PoE

Gwennen, the Gambler PoE

2. Gamble a rare or unique item

Sometimes, it can be a very valuable rare or unique item. It’s probably best to prioritise gambling on base types that are most relevant to your character.

Gwennen, the Gambler

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3. Refresh the inventory

Once you have exhausted all the items that interest you, it’s possible to use a specific new currency item to reroll the gamble window to a set of new items of your current level.

Gwennen, the Gambler Refresh

Refresh the contents of this trader's inventory to a new set of items appropriate for your character level.

4. Gamble failed

Sometimes a base type shows up that is a lot more expensive than it would usually be, and gambling on this item has a higher expected value than normal. You’re taking the risk that it could still be junk though!

Gwennen, the Gambler Junk

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