Dannig, Warrior Skald

Dannig, Warrior Skald is the heart of the expedition, its brave leader and loremaster.

1. Trade

Dannig is interested in specific types of runed artifacts and wants to trade these from you for a variety of options such as currency that lets you reroll vendor inventories, logbooks, or artifacts that the other Kalguuran traders are looking for.

2. Expedition Locker

You can talk to the traders in the wild, in town or in your hideout. They grant you access to your Expedition Locker (which is like the Heist Locker – a lockbox for league-specific items) which can be accessed in all three places also. We’re adding the affinity system to these lockers.

Expedition Locker PoE

Dannig, Warrior Skald PoE

3. Open Expedition Logbook

Among the many relics of the ancient Kalguurans you might find at their expedition sites are Logbooks. These ancient books chronicle the locations that their ancestors visited in their exploration of Wraeclast.

A logbook item can be rolled to have a set of explicit mods, like an endgame map. Each location within the logbook has its own implicit mods, as well as a theme that controls what types of remnants can be found there.

Talk to Dannig in your hideout and give him a logbook you have found and go on an Expedition to one of the locations it describes. These are all exotic places that no Exiles have ever travelled to before.

How to use an Expedition Logbook

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