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PoE Scourge introduceed “Spell Suppression” on Evasion items as well the Dexterity section of the Passive Skill Tree, which gives a chance to halve spell damage taken. The chance can be stacked up to 100%. Convert existing sources of Dodge and Spell Dodge to Spell Suppression or replace them with other bonuses.

PoE The Oppressor

The Oppressor The Oppressor is a Elegant Round Shiled. Requires Level 70, 85 Str, 85 Dex.

  • 120% increased Block Recovery
  • -10% to amount of Suppressed Spell Damage Prevented
  • +(26–32)% chance to Suppress Spell Damage
  • (200–250)% increased Armour and Evasion
  • +(9–13)% Chance to Block
  • You take 20% of Damage from Blocked Hits.

    (50% of Damage from Suppressed Hits and Ailments they inflict is prevented. It is additive with similar modifiers found on Glancing Blows and Ritual basetypes like Brimstone Treads.)

    Other than taking damage from the hit, the mechanics of block are unchanged. A blocked hit still cannot apply on-hit effects, such as ailments or curses. The chance to play the block animation is based on the full damage of the hit.

    By default, you take 0% of the damage from blocked hits. Glancing Blows makes you take 65% of that damage. The Implicit modifier on Basemetal Treads, Darksteel Treads or Brimstone Treads, and the explicit modifier on The Oppressor, makes you take 20% of the damage of blocked hits. If you have at least one of these, you'll take 85% of the damage of blocked hits. With all three sources, you will take 105% of the blocked hit, or 5% more damage than you would have taken if it was not blocked.

Flavour text: Every clash leaves one more scar.

The Oppressor PoE

The Oppressor Farming

  1. It has been added to the core drop pool.
  2. The price of The Oppressor is about 2 Orbs of Alchemy.
  3. It can be chanced.

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The Oppressor Build Guide

Spell Suppression is designed as the Dexterity character’s best answer to spells. In general, Spell Suppression gives easier access and more reliable spell damage mitigation for Dexterity characters without reliance on specific uniques. It’s also much more reliable than Spell Dodge, but has a lower maximum. There will be a few specialised ways to invest in increasing the spell damage suppressed to reward high investment if you want to further protect yourself from spell hits.

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