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Diablo 2 The Hellforge

The Hellforge is a quest in Act 4. Optional quest, but a good reward. It was frequently skipped in v1.08 and earlier since Hephasto was so fierce. In D2X it's much easier and has a better quest reward.

Given: Given by Cain as soon as you enter Act IV.
Triggered By: Completing Quest One, or entering the River of Flame
Location: Hellforge in the River of Flame
Tips: Search the River of Flame.
Description: The time has come for you to destroy Mephisto's Soulstone! Take the Stone to the Hellforge. Place it upon the forge and strike it soundly with the Hammer. Only by doing this can you prevent Mephisto from manifesting in this world ever again.
Rewards: Smashing Mephisto's Soul Stone on the Hellforge drops four random type gems, one normal, two flawless, one perfect per player finishing the quest. The Expansion adds one dropped Rune per game. The rune is randomly selected from within the following ranges:
  • Normal: El (r01) - Amn (r11).
  • Nightmare: Sol (r12) - Um (r22).
  • Hell: Hel (r15) - Gul (r25).

Multiplayer Reward: Free-For-All

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Quest Walkthrough

Before heading back out, speak with Deckard Cain to start this quest. You’ll need to make your way through the Plains of Despair into the City of the Damned. Here, you’re looking for Act IV's first Waypoint, as well as stairs down into The River of Flame. Luckily, they are both right next to each other, so you don’t have to hunt too hard. Your two targets are found somewhere in the middle of the location, so it might take a little longer to find than normal. The City of the Damned is home to upgraded versions of the enemies you’ve fought thus far. The ones you want to watch out for are Abyss Knights. These upgraded Oblivion Knights can shoot projectiles now, so they tend to hang back and throw elemental pop shots at you. Try to take them down quickly.

Once you find the River of Flame, it’s time to look for the forge that you’ll break the Hellstone on. If you want, you can head north to find the Waypoint just before the Chaos Sanctuary where Diablo lives. Be careful you don’t continue past the Waypoint for now unless you want to skip this quest. Somewhere within the River of Flame, you’ll find Hephasto and the forge. Unfortunately, there’s no real shortcut to finding him. Plus, the map of this area can be hard to read and you might miss a branch that takes you to the forge. So, make sure you’re diligent and don’t miss it.

The River of Flame is mostly home to monsters you’ve already fought in this act. It does bring back Blunderbores and Blood Maggots from Act 2, but you’ll know how to deal with them from their appearances there. Once you find Hephasto, it’s recommended that you clear out his minions before engaging him. This is because he has a random offensive aura that can empower his minions if you take them all on at once. That can quickly become overwhelming, so it’s smarter to divide and conquer. Once he’s down, pick the Hell Forge Hammer that he drops. Then, click on the forge to put the stone on it and equip the hammer. Click the forge on more time and it will explode into various gems and potentially runes to complete the quest.


You don't need to carry the Soulstone you get from Mephisto in Act Three, Cain will give you a new one each time he gives you the quest if you don't have one.

To deal with Hephasto, if you have a ranged attack, lure him to some spot in the lava with a gap he can't run around, then get yourself to the other side (If you can't teleport, portal back to town and come back down by the waypoint in the City or River, depending on which side you want to come from) and hit him from a distance until he dies.

Melee characters benefit a lot from a Knockback or stun sort of attack, either from skills or from equipment. Wear Cleglaw's Pincers, or use Smite or Bash, and you can pin Hep against a wall and keep him motionless for as long as it takes to kill him.

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