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Act IV: The Harrowing. Within Act IV of Diablo 2, players can find 3 different Quests.

1. Diablo 2 Resurrected Act 4 Quests

1.1 The Fallen Angel (Walkthrough)

Tyrael tells you that there is a dark, tortured soul who was trapped within this forsaken realm long ago. He was called Izual by mortal men, and in ages past he was his most trusted Lieutenant. Yet against Tyrael's wishes he led an ill-fated assault upon the fiery Hellforge itself.

Despite his valor and strength, Izual was captured by the Prime Evils and twisted by their perverse power. They forced him to betray his own kind and give up Heaven's most guarded secrets. He became a corrupt shadow of his former self; a fallen angel trusted neither by Heaven nor Hell.

For his transgressions, Izual's spirit was bound within the form of a terrible creature which was summoned from the Abyss. His maddened spirit has resided within that tortured husk for many ages now.

Find Izual and release him from his cruel imprisonment. Put an end to his guilt and suffering.

Given by Tyrael

Tip: Search The Plains of Despair.

1.2 The Hellforge (Walkthrough)

The time has come for you to destroy Mephisto's Soulstone! Take the Stone to the Hellforge. Place it upon the forge and strike it soundly with the Hammer. Only by doing this can you prevent Mephisto from manifesting in this world ever again.

Given by Cain as soon as you enter Act IV.

Tip: Search the River of Flame.

Multiplayer Reward: Free-For-All

1.3 Terror's End (Walkthrough)

Tyrael tells you that the time has come to hunt down and destroy Diablo himself. But beware, the Lord of Terror is not to be underestimated. He single-handedly destroyed the town of Tristram and corrupted the last noble hero who tried to stop him. This time, you must defeat him for good. Only by destroying the Soulstone which he carries will his spirit be banished forever. Good luck. Though this be our darkest hour, it may yet be your greatest moment.

Given by Tyrael after destroying Mephisto's Soulstone.

Tip: Enter the Chaos Sanctuary and break the Seals.

Multiplayer Reward: Free-For-All

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2. Act IV Zone Level

Act IV: The Harrowing is the fourth Act and can be accessed by completing The Guardian quest from Act 3. The player will begin the Act in Pandemonium Fortress, which is the last outpost of Heaven at the gates of Hell.

Town: Pandemonium Fortress.

Area Normal Nightmare Hell Quest Waypoint Notes
Outer Steppes 26 56 82 - - The Outer Steppes is the first area in Hell and it can be found outside the Pandemonium Fortress. The Plains of Despair can be accessed from the Outer Steppes.
Plains of Despair 26 56 83 The Fallen Angel - The Plains of Despair can be accessed from the Outer Steppes and it's where Izual can be found here which is required for The Fallen Angel quest. The City of the Damned can be accessed from the Plains of Despair.
City of the Damned 27 57 84 - Yes The City of the Damned is the last surface area in Act 4 and can be accessed from the Plains of Despair, and it also has access to the River of Flame. The waypoint can always be found near the stairs that lead to the River of Flame.
River of Flame 27 57 85 Hell's Forge Yes The River of Flame can be accessed from the City of the Damned and connects it to the Chaos Sanctuary, this area starts to really look like Hell. The Hellforge can be found here which is required for the Hell's Forge quest. The waypoint can always be found before the passage that leads to Chaos Sanctuary.
Chaos Sanctuary 28 58 85 Terror's End - The Chaos Sanctuary is Diablo's home, also called "Terror's Lair" by Hadriel and it's the last area in Act 4. Diablo can be found here hidden by five seals that need to be opened to reveal Diablo himself. Three of those seals will release a superunique monster and the three of them must be defeated to release Diablo.

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