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Sentinel Locker

You may want to accumulate a small collection of depleted sentinels so that you have options to assemble together. That's where the Sentinel Locker comes in.

Sentinel Locker is a free object that you can place in your hideout that allows you to store stacks of each of the Sentinel Currency items as well as a tab full of each of the three categories of Sentinel.

You can also store Sentinels in regular stash tabs, and they can be freely traded with other players. The Sentinel Locker's Affinity for sentinels will also work with regular stash tabs, while this league is active.

List of Sentinels

Name Description
Stalker Sentinel Stalker Sentinel Empowers a moderate number of enemies in sequence as you encounter them. They will follow you for around thirty seconds, empowering dozens of monsters before they dissipate.
Pandemonium Sentinel Pandemonium Sentinel Empower a wide swath of monsters at once in a quick burst. They are designed for mass area-of-effect, and typically only fire one shot. But this shot really counts, chaining between monsters to affect an entire screen full of foes at once. This class of Sentinel can be very dangerous because it empowers so many enemies at once.
Apex Sentinel Apex Sentinel Only empowers rare or unique enemies but have a very strong effect. They fire fewer shots but have a much larger impact on difficulty and reward.

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3.18.1 Patch Notes: Added the Sentinel Locker to the Guild Hideout Decorations list.

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