Cage of Light PoE

Cage of Light

Cage of Light: a circle lined with 6 beams closes in on the player’s location then expands, dealing damage in the ring. Voiceline: “Purify”

Defeat Olroth, Origin of the Fall without any player being hit by Cage of Light or being affected by Exterminating Flames

Exterminating Flame: the Flame rotates around the arena firing a laser at a point on the floor tracking the player. Disabled during invulnerability phase. Will occasionally fire a beam that leaves a burning line across the arena for a duration.

During the fight with Olroth, a symbolic object shaped like a triskelion will circle around the arena, periodically firing off fire-beams and shooting fire into the arena. Every once in a while it will charge up and shoot a large fire beam into the arena, leaving behind a wide line of fire. Getting hit by any of the triskelion skills will fail the challenge so be wary of where it is at all times. It moves relatively slowly and has visual indications of when it will attack, so keep an eye on it. The Cage of Light is a skill that Olroth does, which creates a circle of flame around the player, which closes in on and tries to attack the player before expanding outwards again. If you are caught in the middle of the circle you must use a blink skill to get out of it before it closes; walking through it will fail the challenge.

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