PoE Sandstorm Visage 3.20

Sandstorm Visage makes your Base Critical Strike Chance of Spells match the Critical Strike Chance of your main hand weapon, but makes it so you can't critically strike with attacks. Great for hand-casting spells, but maybe not so much for Cast on Crit builds!

Sandstorm Visage Necromancer Circlet

Icon Description
Sandstorm Visage Sandstorm Visage is a unique Necromancer Circlet. Helmets. Energy Shield: 55–64.

Requires Level 54, 112 Int.

  • (8–10)% increased Cast Speed
  • (200–250)% increased Energy Shield
  • Avoid interruption from Stuns while Casting
  • Base Critical Strike Chance of Spells is the Critical Strike Chance of your Main Hand Weapon
  • Cannot deal Critical Strikes with Attacks

Flavour Text: A fell wind brings death.

3.20.1b Patch Notes: Improved the description of the Sandstorm Visage Unique stat to clarify it only modifies spell critical strike chance of spells, and will not affect spells dealing non-spell damage (such as heralds).

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  • Base Critical Strike Chance of Spells is the Critical Strike Chance of your Main Hand Weapon overrides your spell’s base critical strike chance. Additional chance to inflict a critical strike still applies to this new value.

Notable examples:

  • Replica Duskdawn is in most cases a straight upgrade over Duskdawn.
  • Void Battery may work with this helmet, especially with a +1 to maximum Power Charges corruption
  • Obliteration can provide some additional crit chance utility for spells.
  • Trypanon and Replica Trypanon both allow spells to have 100% chance to crit without further investment.
  • Bino’s Kitchen Knife can allow for crit poison with spells.
  • The Yielding Mortality has strong synergies with a Battlemage Inquisitor.

Item acquisition

Sandstorm Visage has restrictions on where or how it can drop. It cannot be chanced.

Drops in the Forbidden Sanctum.

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