NBA 2K23 S2 Unlimited Showdown Rewards

S2 Unlimited Showdown Rewards

Group Name List of Agendas Complete Group to Earn
S2 Unlimited Showdown Reward
  1. S2 Showdown XP Reward: Redeem the Event Exchange for Season 2 Unlimited Showdown Reward(XP 15000)
Contract Rewards Pack, XP 15000

To redeem the 15,000 Showdown XP reward on MyTEAM in NBA 2K23 Season 3, you first need to tab over to the MyTeam section of the menu and then scroll down to Auctions. That’s where you’ll find the Season 3: 15,000 XP pack. Select it, then press and hold whatever button it tells you in the bottom left of the screen to open the pack. From there, move over to the Auctions tab and select Auction Outcomes. Now, select the Unopened Packs option and find the 15,000 XP Season 3 Pack. You can’t really miss it, since it looks so distinct. Simply select it in order to redeem it and get your reward.

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