The Seven Tombs — Diablo 2 Resurrected

Diablo 2 The Seven Tombs

The Seven Tombs is a quest in Act 2. This quest is mandatory to move on to Act III.

Given: Given by Jerhyn after reaching level 20, or after having completed The Radament’s Lair Quest, The Horadric Staff or the Tainted Sun Quest.
Triggered By: Reaching Clvl 20, or completing Quest One, Two, or Three.
Location: Tal Rasha’s Tomb, beneath the true tomb in the Canyon of the Magi
Tips: Find the Arcane Sanctuary and destroy the Summoner. Find the True Tomb of Tal Rasha.
Description: Your many deeds of skill and bravery have convinced Jerhyn to trust you with something he has been hesitant to speak of… Drognan and Jerhyn have concluded that the Dark Wanderer who passed through here recently was Diablo, himself! Drognan believes that Diablo is searching the desert for the secret tomb where the great Horadrim, Tal Rasha, keeps Baal imprisoned. Find the True Tomb of Tal Rasha.
Rewards: Defeating Duriel and speaking with Tyrael allows you to advance to Act Three, once you return to town and talk to Jerhyn so he’ll order Meshif to sail you to Kurast

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Quest Walkthrough

You can actually start this quest much earlier by talking to Jerhyn, but can’t get to the Tomb until now. Head through the red portal at the Summoner’s location to find yourself in the Canyon of the Magi. Give your quest log a look to see which Tomb symbol is the correct one. There are seven temples in this area and going to the wrong one will only lose time. Of course, if you want to level up a bit and acquire some decent gear, feel free to dip into the other temples.

When you get into the correct Temple, head through until you find Tal Rasha’s Chamber. You’ll need to deal with the powerful versions of all of the enemies you’ve seen thus far to reach your target, but you should be able to deal with them by now. If you’re having difficulty, consider grinding a few extra levels before moving on. Once you’re at the back of the Temple, use the Horadric Staff to open the doorway to the final chamber.

Before you head in, be prepared for a tough fight against Act II’s boss, Duriel. This is often a roadblock for new players because you’re facing him in a very small location at a relatively low level. Our recommendation is to use any summons or hirelings you have to buy yourself some time to drop a Town Portal when you get into the chamber. Then, it’s just a matter of using your skills and playing smart. Duriel is very fast and strong. He can also slow you down with an aura called Holy Freeze. If you can hit him with cold attacks, you can turn the tide by slowing him down. This lets you pick him off from relative safety if you can attack from range. That said, your best bet is to stick with what got you here and don’t be afraid to run back to town in the middle of the fight.

Once he’s defeated, head to the back of the area and speak with Tyrael. Then, head back to town and talk to Jehryn. He will send you over to Meschif who will take you to the Kurast Docks and Act III.


The seven tomb entrances and the Canyon are always the same layout. From left to right they are Circle, Crescent, Square, Broken Box, Double-V, Triangle, Circle-Crescent. You can memorize them or draw a little map, and when you get to the Canyon after doing the Summoner and learning which is the correct tomb, you can check your map and go right to the entrance. Quicker than roaming around the perimeter of the Canyon, though many people like to clear it all out for the experience anyway.

Often on you’ll be in a game created by someone who hasn’t done the quest yet, and it will be impossible to enter the Palace to click on Jerhyn to get him to finish this quest and allow you to sail with Meshif. You can either stand by the entrance to the palace and wait for him to come closer, or take the waypoint to the Palace Cellar or even the Arcane Sanctuary and then run up through the Palace to come up the stairs inside and reach Jeryhn that way.

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