PoE Calendar – Path of Exile Wraeclast

The calendar used by the Eternal Empire does not completely match what players know from their own lives. It has seven days of the week, but there are thirteen longer time spans known as moons.

PoE Calendar: Month & Season

The 13 moons of the year were generally created in honour of certain renowned figures, or naturally arose as part of the harvest cycle: Verusi, Divini, Derivi, Phreci, Caspiri, Astrali, Eterni, Atziri, Vivici, Lurici, Sagari, Vitali, Azmeri.

Month Season
Vivici Spring(brings a celebration of life returning to the land for the year)
Vitali Summer(a time of heat and sun)
Derivi Autumn(a celebration of the harvests of the cooler season when the leaves turned vibrant colours and fell)
Astrali Winter(the arrival of snow and the Aurora Astralis)

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PoE Calendar: Weeks

The days of the week were generally named after the primary components of existence as the Eternals believed them to be:

  1. Solaro
  2. Lunaro
  3. Fiero
  4. Glacio
  5. Galvano
  6. Kaso
  7. Sacrato

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