Remnant 2 Wind Hollow Circlet

Wind Hollow Circlet


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Increases Reload Speed by 12%.

Wind Hollow Circlet is a Ring and accessory in Remnant 2. Wind Hollow Circlet is a ring that hums with a light breeze, given to Pan Musicians as a safeguard if their music falters. The ring increases reload speed by 12%, ensuring swift readiness in dire situations.

The Musicians kept the Pan safe from the Ravager’s rage for generations, but even Musicians must be battle-ready–for when worse come to worst.

Wind Hollow Circlet Effect in Remnant 2

Wind Hollow Circlet provides the following effect:

  • Increases Reload Speed by 12%.

Remnant 2 Wind Hollow Circlet Location

Wind Hollow Circlet can be found at the following locations:

  • Can be found in Yaesha – Endaira’s End
  • There is a waterfall at the edge of the map and a statue that creates a giant melody. There is an area to climb down on the waterfall side, and in a hidden area you can find a book about melodies. There are two musical notes depicting a queen and a ship. If you play the melody of the queen, you will get the Wind Hollow Circlet, and if you play the melody of the ship, you will get the Band Band. Each level of the statue has a musical note painted on it. There are five in total. Each time you play them in the correct order, a blue light will emerge from the center of the statue. Once you’ve hit all the scaffolds in the correct order of notes, a ring will appear as a reward.

Remnant 2 Wind Hollow Circlet Builds

Wind Hollow Circlet is used in the following Builds:


Remnant 2 Wind Hollow Circlet Notes & Trivia

  • Even a light breeze will cause this ring to emit a soft hum. It is said rings like this were given to the Pan Musicians to protect them should their music ever fail.
  • Rings grant players diverse benefits once donned, up to 4 rings may be equipped at a time. 
  • Notes, Tips, and Trivia for Wind Hollow Circlet in Remnant 2 go here.

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