Rebirth And Renewal - Path of Exile

Rebirth And Renewal is a divination card. A set of four can be exchanged for a random Winged Scarab.

Outcome Amount Divination Card
Winged Scarab 4 Rebirth And Renewal

Drop Level: 68.

Flavour Text: Life has an end, then life begins again.

List of Winged Scarab

Scarabs are a type of map fragment. They do not open portals to new areas, but are instead used to augment existing areas with various effects.

Scarab has four tiers, from low to high: Rusted, Polished, Gilded, and Winged.

Winged Scarabs can be obtained in the Mastermind's Lair from an Intervention member who was at Rank 3. They can also be obtained by Harvesting a Vivid Vulture, which has a chance of giving a crafting option that upgrades a Scarab, with a chance to upgrade it to a Winged variant.

Item Stats Price
(~ Chaos Orb)
Winged Expedition Scarab Winged Expedition Scarab
  • Area contains an additional Expedition Encounter
  • Area contains 50% increased number of Runic Monster Markers
  • 20% increased number of Explosives
  • Remnants in area have an additional Suffix
Winged Blight Scarab Winged Blight Scarab
  • Area contains an additional Blight Encounter
  • Blight Encounters contain an additional Blight Boss
  • 50% chance for Blight Chests to contain an additional Reward
  • Lanes of Blight encounters in areas have an additional reward chest
Winged Ambush Scarab Winged Ambush Scarab
  • Area contains 9 extra Strongboxes
Winged Bestiary Scarab Winged Bestiary Scarab
  • Area contains 5 additional Red Beasts
Winged Breach Scarab Winged Breach Scarab
  • Area can contain Breaches
  • Area contains 5 additional Breaches
Winged Cartography Scarab Winged Cartography Scarab
  • 85% more Maps found in Area
Winged Divination Scarab Winged Divination Scarab
  • 250% more Divination Cards found in Area
Winged Elder Scarab Winged Elder Scarab
  • 150% more Rare Elder Items found in Area
Winged Harbinger Scarab Winged Harbinger Scarab
  • Area contains 7 extra Harbingers
Winged Legion Scarab Winged Legion Scarab
  • Area contains 2 additional Legion Encounters
  • Each Legion contains a War Hoard
  • Each Legion is accompanied by a General
Winged Metamorph Scarab Winged Metamorph Scarab
  • Area contains Metamorph Monsters
  • All Metamorph Monsters have Rewards
  • Metamorph Bosses which drop an Itemised Sample drop 2 additional Itemised Samples
Winged Perandus Scarab Winged Perandus Scarab
  • Area contains 7 additional Perandus Chests
  • Area contains Cadiro Perandus
Winged Reliquary Scarab Winged Reliquary Scarab
  • 250% more Unique Items found in Area
Winged Shaper Scarab Winged Shaper Scarab
  • 150% more Rare Shaper Items found in Area
Winged Sulphite Scarab Winged Sulphite Scarab
  • Map owner gains 100% more Sulphite
Winged Torment Scarab Winged Torment Scarab
  • Area is haunted by 12 additional Tormented Spirits
Rebirth And Renewal

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