Rank 3 Movement Speed PoE

Movement Speed Crafting Bench Recipe

Rank Crafting Lvl. Price
Rank 3 (20-24)% increased Movement Speed 54 4x Chaos Orb Chaos Orb
Rank 2 (15-19)% increased Movement Speed 32 2x Chaos Orb Chaos Orb
Rank 1 (10-14)% increased Movement Speed 1 3x Orb of Augmentation Orb of Augmentation

Unlocking Rank 3 Movement Speed will unlock Instilling Orb Instilling Orb flask Enchantment crafting recipe as well.

How to Unlock Rank 3 Movement Speed

1. Travel to Oriath

Travel to Oriath

2. Click the Tab key

Click the Tab key, in the North of the Oriath area, you will see Helena and Crafting Recipe.

Click the Tab key in Oriath

3. Travel there, and click the Crafting Recipe

Unlock Rank 3 Movement Speed

Then, this crafting recipe is unlocked.

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