Uber Blight - Path of Exile

Blighted Maps were previously our pinnacle Blight content, and could be anointed up to three times to increase their difficulty and rewards.

Uber Blight

In the Scourge expansion, while you’re playing Blighted Maps, you may find a Blight-ravaged Map.

  • Added new Blight-ravaged Maps.
  • These have increased monster difficulty and are always monster level 85.
  • These Maps can be obtained by completing high tier Blighted Maps.
  • They can be Anointed up to 9 times (with a maximum of 3 Oils of the same type).
  • Monsters within these Maps both move faster and have substantially more life than those found within Blighted Maps.

These incredibly challenging encounters can also yield one of Scourge’s powerful new unique items.

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Zana Mods

  • Blight (costs 8 Chaos Orbs): Area contains a Blight Encounter.

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