PoE Journey Tattoo of the Remora

Journey Tattoo of the Remora

Name Icon Rarity Description
Journey Tattoo of the RemoraUnique1
Replaces a +30 to Intelligence Notable Passive Skill
Limited to: 1 Attribute Notable Tattoo
Gain Arcane Surge on Hit with Spells

Stack Size: 1 / 10. Right click this item then left click a valid Passive Skill. Maximum 50 Tattoos. Shift click to unstack.

Can be obtained as a reward for defeating tribe in the Trial of the Ancestors.

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Tattoos are a type of item that can be received as a reward from the Trial of the Ancestors in the Ancestor league. They are applied to specific types of passive skills on the passive skill tree to transform the passive into a different one.

  • Tattoos can be replaced by applying another tattoo or removed using an Orb of Scouring on the passive.
  • Tattoos are offered as rewards for defeating a particular tribe.
  • Honoured tattoos are a type of tattoo that provides particularly powerful effects. Honoured Tattoos are offered as rewards for completing a tournament.
  • Each character can have up to 50 tattoos applied.
  • Loyalty tattoos are a type of tattoo that summons the spirit of a tribe's chieftain. Only 1 Loyalty tattoo can be applied at one time.
  • Tournament rewards can be obtained from Hinekora after successfully winning a tournament.
  • Special tattoo types have additional limitations.