PoE Loyalty Tattoo of Ahuana 3.25

Loyalty Tattoo of Ahuana

Name Icon Rarity Description How to getPrice
Loyalty Tattoo of Ahuana RareDex
Replaces a Small Dexterity Passive Skill
Limited to: 1 Loyalty Tattoo
Trigger Summon Spirit of Ahuana Skill when you Suppress
Spell Damage from a Unique Enemy
has trigger on suppress hit from unique [1]
for defeating the Ramako tribe 4.0Chaos Orb

Stack Size: 1 / 10. Right click this item then left click a valid Passive Skill. Maximum 50 Tattoos. Shift click to unstack.

3.22.1 patch notes: Added a vendor recipe that can be used to trade three Tattoos from a tribe for a random single Tattoo of that same tribe. List of PoE Tattoo Vendor Recipes.

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A tattoo is a type of currency item that can be received as a reward from the Trial of the Ancestors in the Ancestor league. They are applied to specific types of passive skills on the passive skill tree to transform the passive into a different one. 3 tattoos from the same tribe can be vendored to obtain a single random tattoo of the same tribe.

  • Tattoos can be replaced by applying another tattoo or removed using an Orb of Scouring on the passive.
  • You must have the passive skill allocated in order to apply a tattoo to it. Unallocating the passive does not remove the tattoo.
  • Each character can have up to 50 tattoos applied.
  • Special tattoo types have additional restrictions or conditions:
    • Makanga tattoos only grant effects when you have either one or fewer adjacent passive allocated or 7+ or 8+ connected passives (including Keystones) allocated, depending on the tattoo type.
      • Locations where tattoos with "Requires 7 adjacent Passive Skills Allocated" can be placed are circled in color on the attached image. Locations where Journey Tattoo of the Makanga can be placed are circled in white.
    • Loyalty tattoos are limited to 1.
    • Attribute notable honured tattoos are limited to 1.