PoE Sanctum Archives Research

Sanctum Archives Research

Sanctum Archives Research is a misc map item. It can be inserted into the Relic Altar to access the Sanctum Archives floor of the Forbidden Sanctum.

Area Level: #. Resolve: #/300. Inspiration: #. Aureus: #.

  • <Modifiers from Relics>

How to use it?

Right click this item to view details of the Sanctum in progress. Take this item to the Relic Altar in the Forbidden Sanctum to enter.

How to get it?

Sanctum Archives Research has restrictions on where or how it can drop.

  • Obtained by completing the Sanctum Archives floor in the Forbidden Sanctum.

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Sanctum Research

Sanctum Research is a category of item that can be inserted into the Relic Altar to access the Sanctum floor of the Forbidden Sanctum. It is obtained by completing the previous floor in the Sanctum.

Sanctum Research includes:

A Sanctum run contains 4 floors, each containing 8 rooms. The 8th room of each floor always contains a Boss. Players can choose to engage in a room every time they encounter the portal to the Sanctum in an area or map, or defer up to 8 rooms (1 floor) to be run consecutively at a later time. Crashing during a Sanctum room will reset progress for that room and will resume the same area on your next map. Aureus and rewards are only locked in upon successful completion of a room. Each Sanctum run is independent between characters on the same account.

Sanctum Archives Sanctum Floor

Floor Icon Name Contains
Sanctum Archives Abandoned Library
Sanctum Archives Templar Annals
Sanctum Archives Chambers of Inscription
Sanctum Archives Holy Trials
Sanctum Archives Scriptorium
Sanctum Archives Candlelit Chapel
Sanctum Archives Merchant Contains Merchant
Sanctum Archives Accursed Pact Contains Accursed Pact
Sanctum Archives Fountain Contains Fountain
Sanctum Archives Afflicted Fountain Contains Afflicted Fountain
Sanctum Archives Benevolent Fountain Contains Benevolent Fountain
Sanctum Archives Radiant Fountain Contains Radiant Fountain
Sanctum Archives Offer Offers Items on Completion
Sanctum Archives Major Treasure Contains Major Treasure Reward
Sanctum Archives Minor Treasure Contains Minor Treasure Reward
Sanctum Archives Candlelit Chapel Contains Varakath, the Waxen
  • Aureus is maintained between rooms and floors, and is lost when the Sanctum run ends.
  • Boss Room always in the 8th room of any floor. Boss rooms contain a chest for any accumulated Item Rewards for the floor, as well as two additional Item Reward chests.
  • The default maximum Resolve is 300. Resolve is maintained between rooms, and the player is ejected from the Sanctum if it hits 0, resetting all floors and rooms. Being ejected does not count as a death, nor does it remove experience.
  • Item Reward Room: Recieve #x <item2> at end of the Floor ("at end of the next Floor" if on room 8)

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