PoE Overloaded Circuits

Overloaded Circuits

Overloaded Circuits is a new Atlas Keystone Passive Skill.

  • League Map Crafting Options also choose 3 random Notable Atlas Passive Skills associated with that League to treat as allocated
  • 100% more cost of Map Crafting Options

Flavour Text: “Supplying the Map Device with more power has… unexpected effects. Somehow, though, I doubt you’ll be deterred.”

Does Overloaded Circuits work with Bold Undertakings?

Yes. Bold Undertakings is a new Atlas Keystone Passive Skill.

  • Fortune Favours the Brave applies an additional random Option
  • 100% more cost of the Fortune Favours the Brave Map Crafting Option

Will we get Atlas Passive Tree skills for both random Fortune Favours the Brave crafting options?


If I allocate one of the four available Essence noteables will Overloaded Circuits only be able to allocate the remaining three?

No. Overloaded Circuits can pick already-allocated noteables.

How does Overloaded Circuits interact with Wandering Path?

Notable Atlas Passive skills grant nothing with Wandering Path, so with Overloaded Circuits those randomly selected notables also grant nothing.

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Overloaded Circuits causes your map crafting options to choose three random notable passive skills associated with that league to treat as allocated at but doubles the cost of map crafting options. It is unknown whether it can attempt to select Atlas passives that are already allocated. When combined with Bold Undertakings, this keystone will apply to both map crafting options from Fortune Favours the Brave, for a total of up to 6 Atlas passives.


As of version 3.22.0 it is located near the center of the Atlas passive skill tree inside the Map cluster.

Kirac League Mods Available During PoE 3.22

  • Fortune Favours the Brave (costs 3 Chaos Orbs): One of these options will be applied at random, including those you have not yet unlocked.
  • Essence (costs 2 Chaos Orbs): Area contains 2 additional Essences.
  • Domination (costs 3 Chaos Orbs): Area contains 3 additional Shrines.
  • Breach (costs 4 Chaos Orbs): Area contains 2 additional Breaches.
  • Harbinger (costs 6 Chaos Orbs): Area contains 3 additional Harbingers.
  • Legion (costs 6 Chaos Orbs): Area contains an additional Legion Encounter.
  • Delirium (costs 10 Chaos Orbs): Area contains a Mirror of Delirium.
  • Ritual (costs 10 Chaos Orbs): Area contains Ritual Altars.

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