PoE Meticulous Appraiser

Meticulous Appraiser

Meticulous Appraiser is a new Atlas Keystone Passive Skill.

  • Modifiers to Quantity of Items found in your Maps instead apply to Rarity of Items found in your Maps at 300% of their value

Flavour Text: “Within every treasure can be found shades of gold, should one have the patience to look.”


Meticulous Appraiser causes modifiers to area item quantity from map quality and modifiers, fragments, and Eldritch Altars to instead apply to Item Rarity at 300% of its value. This skews item rarity over item quantity, resulting in significantly less items but an increased chance for items to be rare or unique.


As of version 3.22.0, it is located near the top of the Atlas passive skill tree.

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Increased Item Rarity/Quantity

Players can boost their chances of getting powerful equipment and uniques with the statistics Increased Rarity of Items Found and Increased Quantity of Items Found. The combination of rarity and quantity stats is sometimes called Magic Find or MF, referring to the equivalent stats in Diablo.

Rarity and quantity stats can come from player’s equipment, the support gems Item Rarity Support and Item Quantity Support, monster rarity, party bonuses, and map bonuses. The stats on the character stack additively with each other, and are subject to diminishing returns. Stats from the party bonus and monsters stack additively with each other, and are not subject to diminishing returns. The total player bonus stacks multiplicatively with the total party & monster bonus. (An explanation of additive vs. multiplicative can be found here.)

IIR and IIQ from gear do not affect chests, and have no effect on the number or type of currency, items, scrolls, or gems that drop from them.

Increased Item Rarity (IIR)

Increases the chances of an item being magic, rare, or unique. This statistic has no effect on the number or type of currency items, scrolls, or gems that drop since they have no rarity like normal, magic, rare or unique. Magic, rare, and unique monsters have an inherent increased item rarity statistic for drops.

When in a party, only the statistics from the player who lands the killing blow on an enemy is applied – multiple characters attacking a monster will not stack their item rarity bonuses together. If one of your minions gets a kill, the summoner’s IIR is used, in addition to IIR from Item Rarity Support. IIR on gear worn by minions (through Necromantic Aegis or Animate Guardian) is never used.

Increased Item Quantity (IIQ)

Increases the average number of items that drop from monsters (seedrop rate). This includes currency, scrolls, skill gems and divination cards. It does not affect the type, quality, or rarity of the item dropped, only the chance that something will drop. The base chance for an item to drop varies between monster types, and the number of drops also increases with monster rarity.

  • Only the IIQ of the area and the party bonus affect chests or strongboxes
  • Player IIQ does not affect the number of maps that drop from enemies. However, area quantity does affect the number of map drops.

In a party, each player in the party after the first gives the equivalent of +50% item quantity to currency and gem drops as well as a +10% item quantity and +40% item rarity on other drops. This bonus does not affect map drops. The party bonus as well as any bonus the monster gives are additive with each other and are multiplicative with player quantity of the player that killed the monster.

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