PoE Lucid Dreams

PoE Lucid Dreams

Lucid Dreams is a new Atlas Keystone in PoE 3.22. With this keystone allocated, you can craft Vaal Side areas. Trial of the Ancestors introduces 16 new keystone passives to unlock on the Atlas Passive Tree.

  • Vaal Side Areas in your Maps are no longer Corrupted
  • (Currency items can be used on non-Corrupted Vaal Side Areas)

Flavour Text: Shattered fragments of reality float through the void, waiting to be shaped by your mind’s desire.

PoE Lucid Dreams

Lucid Dreams causes Vaal side areas to no longer be corrupted, allowing them to be crafted with currency. Note that Vaal side areas cannot have crafting currencies applied to them without this keystone, including tainted currency.


Lucid Dreams makes it so that Vaal side areas in your maps are no longer corrupted. It means that you can use currency items to change their mods. When you encounter a Vaal side area, the Keystone lets you craft it.

PoE Lucid Dreams

GGG rebalances the side area mods. GGG improved reward outcomes and GGG has made the downside mods a bit more punishing. Just to make it interesting. If you try to go for the good outcomes, you may also rarely encounter a unique valve side area.

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As of version 3.22.0 it is located near the top-right of the Atlas passive skill tree inside the Vaal Side Areas cluster containing Unimaginable Horrors.

Altas 3.22

  • When adding the new Lucid Dreams Keystone Atlas Passive, we also took time to review Vaal Side Areas in Maps and the modifiers present on them.
  • All modifiers, except one, no longer grant additional packs of Corrupted Vaal Monsters. This has been moved to be an Implicit modifier instead.
  • Modifiers with upsides no longer have Increased Item Quantity or Item Corruption Chance, unless that is the only thing they do.
  • Modifiers with downsides no longer have variable Item Corruption Chance. This is now a fixed value relative to the perceived difficulty of the modifier.
  • Vaal Side Areas can no longer roll regular Map modifiers.
  • Modifiers that add extra Monsters are now Suffixes.
  • The Explicit Item Corruption Chance modifier has been removed.
  • The values provided by modifiers have also been rebalanced.
  • Added some new modifiers, including one that causes Vaal Vessels to contain an additional Level 21 Corrupted Gem.
  • Map Bosses in Corrupted Maps no longer have the "Corrupted" tag, and no longer drop additional Vaal items.
  • The Vaal Temple Map can no longer be obtained outside of Corruption, Vaal Side Areas, or Divination Cards.
  • The Beastcraft obtained from Einhar's Memory of Harvest Beasts that created a Vaal Temple Map now creates a Synthesis Unique Map.
  • We've also added 3 new Unique Vaal Side Areas. Happy hunting!

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