Monster Changes - Path of Exile

Monster Changes 3.19

  • Monsters are now unable to evade reflected damage.
  • Chilled ground from the Permafrost Archnemesis modifier now counts as Vortex ground, and can no longer stack with other sources of Vortex ground.
  • Unstable Wetas now leave Vortex ground effect on death, instead of Cold Snap ground, and cannot stack with other sources of Vortex ground effect.
  • The Beachhead Boss Fight no longer drops normal rarity weapons throughout the fight, as Animate Weapon no longer requires them.
  • Fixed a bug where buffs that alternate to provide different stats, such as more and reduced damage taken buffs on monsters with the Loathing Essence modifier, were not working. As a result, the following changes have been made for Essence Monsters: Reduced the amount of Attack, Cast and Movement Speed granted by Zeal Essence modifiers on Monsters; reduced the amount of reduced Damage Taken granted by Loathing Essence modifiers on Monsters; Scorn Essence modifiers now grant 75% reduced extra Damage Taken from Critical Strikes to the affected Monster, instead of Cannot be Critically Struck.

Monster Balance Changes 3.18

  • Grasping Vines applied by the Bramble Valley Map Boss no longer take longer to break than other sources of Grasping Vines, and no longer disable Movement Skills.
  • Reduced the base Movement Speed reduction from almost all sources of the Grasping Vines debuff.

Monster Changes 3.17

Act 2 Improvements

Improve the behaviour of most Act 2 monsters, raise the life of some weaker Act 2 monsters and add new monster varieties to some Act 2 areas.

  • Adjusted the life and damage of various Monsters found throughout Act 2.
  • New Monster types have been added throughout Act 2: Spriggans, Wasps, Undead Vaal, Scuttlers, and Salvagers.

Tormented Martyrs

Change the damage dealt when Tormented Martyr-touched monsters explode to be based only on the monster's level, meaning that every monster in a given area will deal a similar amount of damage when it explodes.

Existing Monster modifiers

Update and add to monster modifiers. Add more options for Caster monsters to allow more diverse modifier outcomes, and new enhanced defence modifiers.

  • The Aura radius for "Allies Move and Attack Faster" has been increased to be the same as other Monster Auras.
  • Caster Monsters are now able to have Extra Damage as a modifier.
  • The Plated modifier now provides 30% additional Physical Damage Reduction instead of Armour. It still only appears on Monsters that have Armour.
  • Added new Magic and Rare Monster modifiers for Chaos Resistance for all Monsters.
  • Added new Magic and Rare Monster modifiers for Extra Lightning Damage for attack Monsters.
  • Added new Magic and Rare Monster modifiers for Cast Speed and Spell Damage for caster Monsters.
  • The "Allies Deal Substantial Extra Physical Damage" modifier no longer has the word "Substantial" in it, though the values of the modifier have not changed.
  • The Evasion Rating modifier for Monsters is now a prefix modifier instead of a suffix, to match the Armour and Energy Shield modifiers.

Mausoleum Map Boss

Reduce the number of corpses Tolman, The Exhumer, is able to explode at once and add a visual effect wind-up to the skill.

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Monster Changes 3.15

  • Act Bosses throughout the campaign now drop fewer but significantly better items.
  • Rebalanced the Ailment Threshold for monsters, reducing this for particularly tough endgame Bosses.
  • Gamewide Poison now does 50% more damage (taking 30% of the combined Physical and Chaos Damage, up from 20%).
  • Al-Hezmin and his snakes deal less Poison Damage with their Skills that Poison, to counteract the gamewide buff to Poison.
  • Puncture Base Damage has been buffed by approximately 20%, and Bleeding Damage by approximately 25% for all monsters that use a puncture skill.
  • Improved audio and added dialogue for various Delve Boss fights.

Monster Changes 3.14

  • The final bosses of each Act have had their drops reworked. They now drop both more and better items, so that they can be profitably farmed if desired.
  • The base life of all Harvest monsters has been reduced by 30-50%, however Harvest machinery now grants monsters around 100% extra increased life on average. The intention here is to keep the Life values of Monsters spawned in Harvest encounters approximately the same as they were before, but significantly lower the life values on the Desecrated versions of these Monsters to bring them into line with other Desecratable Monsters. Please note that Primal Blisterlords and Primal Crushclaws have had their life reduced by a greater percentage as a result of this change.
  • The "Allies Cannot Die" aura has been removed. To replace this, a new "Benevolent Guardian" Nemesis modifier has been added which causes the Monster with this modifier to apply an Immunity buff to nearby allies for a short duration. If the original Monster is slain, affected allies lose the Immunity buff. Other Monsters that have this Nemesis modifier cannot be given the Immunity buff.
  • Rare monsters dominated by Sirus have had their Attack, Cast Speed and Movement Speed lowered.
  • Tzteosh, Hungering Flame no longer uses his Ultimate Molten Strike skill.
  • The Bull Thorns skill used by Lieutenant of Rage in The Labyrinth and the Crusher of Gladiators in the Racecourse Map has been visually updated and no longer has Damage Reflection.
  • The Vaal Pyramid and Arcade Map bosses have had their health increased to bring them closer into line with other Map bosses.

Monster Changes 3.13

  • Some bosses now ignore damage if the source of that damage has been a very long distance from it for a period of time (essentially, you can’t just shoot them from beyond their pathfinding radius any more).
  • Enduring Cry Enduring Cry used by monsters has been given a cooldown and had its healing amount standardised. It’s less ridiculous now.

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