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PoE Melee Range Changes 3.16

Remove Melee Range from some Strike Skill Gems, and add new sources of Melee Range to the passive tree.

  • The following Skills no longer have “+0-2 to Melee Strike Range”: Dominating Blow Dominating Blow, Double Strike Double Strike, Vaal Double Strike Vaal Double Strike, Dual Strike Dual Strike, Elemental Hit Elemental Hit, Frenzy, Infernal Blow Infernal Blow, Pestilent Strike Pestilent Strike, Puncture Puncture, Riposte Riposte, Static Strike Static Strike, Smite Smite, Viper Strike Viper Strike, and Wild Strike Wild Strike.
  • Boneshatter Boneshatter now has “+2 to Melee Strike Range” at all gem levels (previously +0 at gem level 1, up to +2 at gem level 20).
  • Glacial Hammer Glacial Hammer, Vaal Glacial Hammer Vaal Glacial Hammer, Heavy Strike Heavy Strike and Vigilant Strike Vigilant Strike now have “+2 to Melee Strike Range” at all gem levels (previously +2 at gem level 1, up to +4 at gem level 20).
  • The Melee Strike Range Suffix modifier on Elder Gloves has been replaced with a new Suffix modifier that grants “13-16% increased Melee Damage” and “+2 to Melee Strike Range”. The Elevated version of this modifier grants “+3-4 to Melee Strike Range”. This change does not affect existing items.
  • The Veiled and Crafted modifiers on Helmets and Gloves that granted Level of Socketed Melee Gems and Melee Strike Range now grant “+2 to Melee Strike Range” (previously +1).
  • The Warlord’s Reach Unique Jewel now grants “10% increased Attack Damage” (previously 8%), and “+2 to Melee Strike Range” (previously +1). Existing items can be updated to these new values with a Divine Orb Divine Orb.

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Weapon Range Guide

The range of a skill or effect is the maximum Distance it can influence anything from its point of origin. Melee attacks have a relatively short range determined by adding weapon range to the radius of a character’s hitbox (which is 2), though it can be greatly extended by utilizing certain passives and items. Maximum travel distance for projectiles is 120 units, although many projectiles in the game dissipate before reaching it, which limits their effective range.

Weapons have the following base ranges:

Item class weapon range
Rune Daggers 10
Daggers 10
One Hand Swords 11
Claws 11
Sceptres 11
One Hand Maces 11
One Hand Axes 11
Fishing Rods 13
Warstaves 13
Two Hand Maces 13
Two Hand Axes 13
Two Hand Swords 13
Staves 13
Wands 120
Bows 120

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