PoE Level Downscaling

1. Experience Penalties

The player suffers a penalty to experience gained if the player is too far above or below the monster’s level. There is a safe level range where no penalty is applied:

Level Range Downscaling Safe Zone
1-15 3
16-31 4
32-47 5
48-63 6
64-79 7
80-95 8
96+ 9

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2. Drop Penalty

Currently the monster levels range from 1 (The Twilight Strand) to 67 (The Ossuary/The Reliquary/The Feeding Trough) in the acts and 68 to 84 in the maps.

There is a penalty to the chance of currency items and Divination cards dropping in areas with a monster level more than two levels lower than your character level. For each additional level that you have compared to the area’s monster level+2, the chance of a currency and Divination card item drop is reduced by 2.5%:

dropPenalty = 2.5% * (Lvlchar – (Lvlmonster + 2))

Currency and Divination card drops are not increased or decreased in this way when fighting in areas above your level.

For the purposes of this penalty, your character level is never considered to be higher than 68.Therefore a level 75 character receives no penalty in a level 66 area.


Using equation above, if you are level 30 in a level 20 area you will see 20% less currency and Divination card item drops on average: dropPenalty = 2.5% * (30 – (20 + 2)) = 20%

A level 30 character in a level 28 area will see no drop penalty: dropPenalty = 2.5% * (30 – (28 + 2)) = 0%

3. High-level players playing with lower-level party members

Added a new system to handle high-level players playing with lower-level party members in lower-level areas. High-level players are downscaled, making the area more challenging, and allowing the lower-level players to get an appropriate amount of experience and currency. Previously, the lower-level players would have had their experience gains and currency finds penalised if the level gap was significant. This scaling applies only in areas at or below level 67, and is an optional feature for party play.

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