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The Apothecary is a divination card. A set of five can be exchanged for Mageblood.

How to farm Apothecary in Path of Exile?

Slain Monsters

It has a minimum drop level restriction of 75. Equivalent to T8 maps, Magic monsters in T7 maps, or Rare/Unique monsters in T6 maps.

Drop Locations

  • Haunted Mansion Map
  • Defiled Cathedral Map
  • Crimson Temple Map: This is a popular method that utilizes specific Atlas passives, scarabs, and sextants to maximize the number of monsters and strongboxes that can drop The Apothecary.
  • Crimson Township Map

Farming Apothecary with Divination Scarabs

Name Description Limit
Divination Scarab
  • 150% increased Divination Cards found in Area
Limit: 2
Divination Scarab of Curation
  • 10% more Divination Cards found in Area per different Favoured Map
  • Divination card drops in Area are replaced by those of your Favoured Maps
Limit: 1
Divination Scarab of Completion
  • Divination cards which drop in Area have a 20% chance to drop as a full stack instead
Limit: 1

Apothecary Atlas Skill Tree

Count Name Category Description
1 Vault of Mysteries Notable
  • Divination Cards from Strongboxes in your Maps are Duplicated
1 Swarming Hive Notable
  • Beyond Demons in your Maps have 100% increased chance to be followers of K’tash
  • 30% more Divination Cards found from Beyond Demons in your Maps that are followers of K’Tash
1 Worthy of the Future Notable
  • Inscribed Ultimatums found in your Maps have 50% increased chance to reward Divination Cards
  • Ultimatum Rewards in your Maps have 50% increased chance to be Divination Cards

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