PoE Apex of Atzoatl: contains The Vaal Omnitect

Apex of Atzoatl is the boss room of The Temple of Atzoatl, which always contains The Vaal Omnitect.

The Vaal Omnitect

The Vaal Omnitect is the final boss of The Temple of Atzoatl, introduced in the Incursion leagues.

The Temple of Atzoatl

To challenge The Vaal Omnitect players need to complete 12 temporal incursions, which Alva, Master Explorer will offer in areas or maps. The topmost room needs either to be connected to the room on the bottom of the pyramid or players must make use of Flashpowder Keg from an Explosives Room.

PoE Apex of Atzoatl: contains The Vaal Omnitect

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Untiered incursion rooms

Untiered (or T0) incursion rooms are rooms with no resident Architect.

A T0 room will contain two random Architects who are not currently a resident in the current Temple layout.

  • If you kill either Architect in the room during an incursion, the room will be changed into the surviving Architect’s T1 room.
  • If you die, fail the encounter, or otherwise do not kill either Architect, the room will remain unchanged. These rooms can be encountered again in future areas, with a randomized set of Architects.

During the present-day Temple run, untiered incursion rooms are not occupied by an Architect, and have no additional modifiers or effects on the rest of the Temple.

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