PoE Accuracy Stacking 3.24 – Path of Exile

PoE Accuracy is a rating that measures a character’s chance to hit with melee and ranged weapons. Accuracy is opposed by the defender’s evasion.

PoE Accuracy Stacking

In Path of Exile, accuracy stacking refers to the strategy of maximizing the chance for your attacks to hit enemies by increasing your character’s accuracy rating. Accuracy is a crucial statistic in the game because it directly affects your ability to land hits on targets.

Accuracy stacking involves utilizing various mechanics, items, and passive skills to boost your accuracy rating as much as possible. Here’s how it works:

1. Base Accuracy

Your character has a base accuracy rating determined by its level and attributes. This base accuracy rating serves as the foundation for further improvements.

  • Every 1 dexterity grants an additional 2 accuracy rating.

PoE Accuracy Stacking

2. Passive skills

Certain passive skills on the passive skill tree provide bonuses to accuracy rating. These can be found in the Duelist, Ranger, and Shadow areas of the skill tree, among others. Investing in these passive skills can significantly increase your character’s accuracy.

For example: Undeniable(Ascendancy: Juggernaut)

  • +500 to Accuracy Rating
  • 1% increased Attack Speed per 150 Accuracy Rating
  • Gain Accuracy Rating equal to twice your Strength

PoE Accuracy Stacking

3. Items

Many items in the game provide bonuses to accuracy rating. This includes weapons, armor, amulets, rings, and gloves. Look for items with explicit modifiers that increase accuracy or provide global bonuses to hit chance.

PoE Accuracy Stacking

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4. Skill Gems

Some active skill gems or support gems may provide bonuses to accuracy or hit chance. Check the gem descriptions to see if they offer any accuracy-related benefits.

For example: Additional Accuracy Support. Supported Skills have +(74–1034) to Accuracy Rating.

PoE Accuracy Stacking

5. Enchantments

Enchantments: Some enchantments, particularly those found on weapons, can provide bonuses to accuracy rating. These enchantments are typically obtained from completing certain content or through trading with other players.

PoE Accuracy Stacking

  • Grants #% increased Accuracy per 2% Quality
  • #% increased Accuracy Rating while you have Onslaught

By stacking these various sources of accuracy bonuses, players can significantly increase their character’s chance to hit enemies, resulting in more consistent damage output and better overall combat performance. Accuracy stacking builds are popular among melee characters and characters that rely heavily on critical strikes, where every hit counts.

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