MW3 Containers (+ Loading Dock, Parking Lot, Warehouse) – Modern Warfare 3


Containers and the rest of the northern spawn area tend to attract snipers and other long-ranged sharpshooters. Though the fenced-in portion obstructs the view, there are long sights from the Warehouse and from atop the Containers. Midranged weapons perform well around and within the fence.

Use the tarp and boarded-up sections to stay out of sight from long-ranged attackers; once you’re spotted, though, look for more substantial cover. Watch your head in this area, too: There’s little overhead cover, making air-to-ground-based streaks a real threat.

The fenced-in area is also a good spot for placing Care Packages. Call one in when the fight is more focused on the center and southern portions of the map.

Deploy to a midsized urban landscape dominated by the central block. Smaller buildings around the perimeter provide additional vantage points, and the streets throughout give savvy Operators the means to flank and outmaneuver their enemies.


Take to the streets and skirmish around a tight urban center in Skidrow. Battle for control of the central Hallway and flank your opponents through the Back Alley and Tunnel. Operators who can navigate the map’s confined interior spaces and midranged exterior and who use the map’s verticality to get over their opponents will find the most success.

To thrive in this landscape, you need to know its risks and advantages. Here’s what we know about Skidrow:


MW3 Skidrow Map areas


MW3 Skidrow Map hardpoints

domination flags

MW3 Skidrow Map domination flags

search & destroy sites

MW3 Skidrow Map search & destroy sites

spawn points

MW3 Skidrow Map spawn points

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