Last Epoch of Boldness: Chance to Bleed on Hit while at High Health

Chance to Bleed on Hit while at High Health Suffix: of Boldness

Base values

Tier Chance to Bleed on Hit while at High Health
Tier 1 15% to 40%
Can be applied to:
  • Grand Idol [3×1]
  • Ornate Idol [4×1]
Requires Level: 1
Requires Item Class: Sentinel
Rarity on Items: (Common Reroll Chance: 0%)

Unfortunately, while "Chance to Bleed on Hit" exists as a suffix ("of Wounds") in Last Epoch, there’s no additional modifier for triggering bleed specifically at high health. However, several mechanics and build strategies can achieve a similar effect, indirectly increasing your bleed chance when you’re above a certain health threshold:

1. Conditional Bleed Chance:

  • Skills: Some skills like Marksman’s "Puncture" or Primalist’s "Primal Strike" have a higher chance to apply bleed when you’re at full health. Utilize these skills as the core of your bleed application.
  • Idols and World Boons: Certain Idols and World Boons provide temporary or permanent bleed chance bonuses that might activate when you’re above a specific health percentage.

2. Defensive Buffs:

  • High Armor/Resistances: By mitigating incoming damage, you stay at high health more often, indirectly increasing the window where your base "Chance to Bleed on Hit" applies.
  • Health Regeneration: Consistent health regeneration helps maintain a high health pool, maximizing the opportunities for bleed application with your base "Chance to Bleed on Hit."

3. Conversion Mechanics:

  • Skills: Skills like Rogue’s "Poisonous Shot" can convert other damage types (e.g., physical) into bleed. Pair these with defensive buffs to maintain high health while your converted damage applies bleed.

4. Ascendancy Path:

  • Sentinel’s "Brawler" path: Offers passives that increase attack speed and damage when at higher health, potentially leading to more frequent bleed application.


  • Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. Experiment and find what synergizes best with your build and desired playstyle.
  • While these methods can’t guarantee bleed application only at high health, they increase the likelihood of it happening more frequently in that state.

I hope this explanation provides alternative approaches to achieving a bleed-focused playstyle while maintaining high health in Last Epoch.

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