PoE 2 Passive Skill Tree - Path of Exile 2

Path of Exile 2 Passive Skill Tree

Path of Exile’s iconic Passive Skill Tree has made a return, with 2,000 skills that allow you to completely customise your gameplay experience.

Heart of Ice
  • +1 to level of all cold skill gems
Spells Notable
  • 20% increased spell damage
  • 20% increased skill effect duration
  • 10% increased Melee attack speed
Biting Frost
  • Damage Penetrates 6% Cold Resistance
  • Cold Exposure you inflict applies an extra -6% to cold resistance
Shock Chance
  • 15% chance to shock
  • (Shock increases damage taken by up to 50%, depending on the amount of lightning damage in the hit, for 4 seconds)
Heart of Thunder
  • 20% increased lightning damage
  • damage penetrates 5% lightning resistance
Breath of Lightning
  • 80% increased effect of lightning ailments
  • (lightning ailments are shocked and sapped)
Hex Master
  • Your hexes have infinite duration
  • 20% less effect of your curses

PoE 2 Passive Skill Tree

Dual-Specialise your passive skill tree

It now features Dual Specialisation, the ability to allocate some passive skill points to two different sets of skills. They engage whenever the appropriate weapon or skill type is used. For example, you can have some points allocated to both daggers and traps, or ice and lightning, and as you swap between attacks, the appropriate skill points will apply. This lets you specialise in multiple areas without opportunity cost.

PoE 2 Dual Specialise Passive Skill Tree

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