Nightstalker is a notable passive skill.

  • Dagger Attacks deal 20% increased Damage with Hits and Ailments
  • +150 to Accuracy Rating with Daggers
  • +20% to Critical Strike Multiplier with Daggers
  • 25% increased Elusive Effect

(Rune Daggers are considered Daggers)

(Ailments that deal Damage are Bleeding, Ignited, and Poisoned)

(Elusive initially grants 15% chance to Dodge Spell or Attack Hits, and 30% increased Movement Speed. The buff reduces its effect over time, removing itself at 0% effect. If you already have an Elusive buff, you cannot gain Elusive)

Nightstalker PoE


# Name Value
1 dagger hit and ailment damage +% 20
2 dagger accuracy rating 150
3 critical strike multiplier with dagger + 20
4 elusive effect +% 25

Available by anointing Amulets

Anoint oil recipe: Sepia Oil Sepia Oil + Teal Oil Teal Oil + Golden Oil Golden Oil

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