NHL 24 Coin Glitch

In NHL 24, players have discovered several glitches that can be exploited to gain an unfair advantage, including methods for farming coins in Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT). These glitches involve specific in-game actions and sometimes leveraging bugs in the trading system.

Common Coin Glitches in NHL 24

  1. HUT Coin Glitch: Some players have found ways to exploit the in-game marketplace to generate coins rapidly. This typically involves manipulating auction house listings and bidding processes to duplicate coins or get high-value items for minimal effort. However, specific details and steps for these methods are often shared through community forums and video tutorials rather than official channels due to their exploitative nature.

  2. Gameplay Exploits: Certain gameplay glitches allow players to earn coins and rewards more quickly than intended. For instance, some players use methods to score easy goals consistently or exploit game mechanics that result in faster match completions, thereby earning rewards at an accelerated rate.

  3. Auction House Manipulation: Another common glitch involves the manipulation of auction house timings and bids to snatch high-value cards for low prices and then resell them at a profit. This can sometimes involve using multiple accounts or rapidly flipping items through the market.

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Risks and Considerations

While these glitches can provide short-term benefits, they come with significant risks:

  • Account Bans: EA Sports regularly monitors for unusual activity and exploits. Using these glitches can lead to temporary suspensions or permanent bans from the game.
  • Patch Updates: EA frequently releases updates to fix known bugs and glitches, making these methods unreliable and temporary.


It’s generally recommended to avoid using glitches to farm coins in NHL 24. Instead, focusing on legitimate strategies such as playing games, completing challenges, and smart trading on the auction house can ensure a more sustainable and risk-free experience. For the latest updates on patches and bug fixes, keep an eye on official EA Sports channels and community forums.

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