New World Coin Farming

In "New World," the MMORPG developed by Amazon Game Studios, farming coins (gold) efficiently is essential for progressing through the game, purchasing items, crafting, and maintaining your settlement. Here are some effective strategies for farming gold in "New World":

1. Gathering and Selling Resources

  • Harvesting: Gather herbs, fibers, and other plants. Rare herbs and magical plants are particularly valuable.
  • Mining: Mine ores like iron, silver, and gold. Smelting these ores into ingots before selling can yield better profits.
  • Logging: Chop down trees and gather wood. Aged wood and Wyrdwood are more valuable than basic wood.
  • Skinning: Hunt animals and skin them for hides. High-tier hides like ironhide are more profitable.

2. Crafting and Selling Items

  • Crafting Equipment: Craft weapons, armor, and tools. High-level crafted items can sell for a significant amount of gold.
  • Alchemy and Cooking: Create potions, food, and other consumables. Buff food and potions are always in demand.

3. Trading Post

  • Buying Low and Selling High: Monitor the Trading Post for underpriced items and resell them at a higher price.
  • Selling in High Demand Areas: Place items for sale in settlements with high traffic to maximize exposure and sales.

4. Quests and Missions

  • Town Projects: Complete town projects for rewards and gold. These are available on the town board in settlements.
  • Faction Missions: Complete missions for your chosen faction to earn gold and faction points.
  • Main and Side Quests: Follow the main storyline and side quests, which reward you with gold upon completion.

5. Expeditions and Elite Zones

  • Expeditions: Participate in dungeons and elite areas to gather rare loot and sellable items.
  • Elite Zones: Defeat high-level enemies and bosses in elite zones for valuable drops and materials.

6. Fishing

  • Fishing: Fish in various water bodies for rare fish and aquatic resources. Some fish and fish-related materials can be sold for a high price.

7. Trading with Players

  • Direct Trades: Negotiate and trade directly with other players for items and gold.
  • Crafting for Others: Offer crafting services where you provide the labor and the other player provides the materials, receiving gold as payment.

8. Controlling Territories

  • Settlement Taxes: If you belong to a company that controls a territory, you can benefit from taxes collected from other players using the settlement’s facilities.

9. Buy it from Seller

Tips for Maximizing Profits:

  • Market Research: Regularly check the Trading Post to understand the supply and demand trends.
  • Focus on High-Demand Items: Prioritize farming and crafting items that are consistently in high demand.
  • Efficiency: Combine activities, such as gathering resources while completing quests, to maximize your time and earnings.

Using these strategies, you can steadily increase your gold reserves in "New World" and enhance your overall gameplay experience.

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